Click here for the VOSD Surrender Program for rescued, abandoned & pet dogs.
Note: Please refer to the required documents for each category before writing to VOSD.


100 DOGS

You helped build our CITY OF DOGS.
You can now nominate dogs FOR IT.

About Us

VOSD is undoubtedly the foremost and the best-managed sanctuary for dogs in India. This has been made possible by your cooperation and trust. Where else will you find acres of green area with over 600 trees, with not even a single dog kept in a cage or a chain, with a large hydrotherapy pools, and it’s own hospital and a team of talented caregivers, caretakers and vets?

100 Dogs
for VOSD

We’re announcing the completion of the CITY OF DOGS project with its 100+ enclosures, kennels, roads & street-lighting! Won’t it be nice if you not only helped us but could nominate a dog to live out its natural life in this magical place?

VOSD will take 100 dogs from Bangalore immediately (even while there are dogs that are waiting due to transport restrictions to open up put in place due to Lockdown / COVID19 situation).


Cruelty Survivors

We require photo/medical proof of the cruelty suffered by the dog.


Special-needs dogs

Dogs who are blind, lame or paralysed and can’t fend for themselves.


Old Stray Dogs

Dogs who cannot fend for themselves on the streets will be taken in by the VOSD Hospice.


Patriot Dogs

Service Dogs who are retiring from the police, security and armed forces can be admitted to VOSD.


Breeder Rejects

Dogs born with congenital defects or adult dogs who have been abandoned by breeders.


Failed Adoptions

Any dog who’s adoption has failed and the dog has been returned. If there is currently no hope of finding another home for this dog, VOSD will consider taking in such a dog. 


‘Aggressive’ Dogs

Stray / Pet dogs who cannot be handled by caregivers due to aggression. Full details of dog’s behaviour & trigger for aggression is required along with videos/photos.


Abandoned (Lockdown)

VOSD will consider dogs abandoned during the COVID19 lockdown. Proof will be needed to verify when the pet was abandoned i.e. a photo, video or police report.

OTHER circumstances:

Lactating dogs with puppies (6 months or younger), will not be considered. They are prone to infections from other dogs at VOSD, therefore for their safety, we cannot admit them.

The following categories will continue to require a standard VOSD surrender fee:

  • Pet dogs surrender by owner.
  • Healthy stray dogs rescued by rescuers, who may have previously received professional medical help.
Other Surrenders Surrender Fee



Do include all required details mentioned.

Write to
Email Subject:
Home for Dogs with No Hope.


Once a dog is approved for being taken in by VOSD, you will have to drop the dog to a VOSD-approved partner boarding center. We do not provide transport.

Out of Bangalore dog surrender is currently on hold. So kindly do not write to us now. As soon as the inter-state travel restrictions are lifted, we will announce similar intake of rescued dogs at VOSD without surrender fees from all cities in India.

This announcement is in no way guarantees a place for your nominated dog at VOSD – each case will be evaluated by our team and final decision to admit or not admit a dog rests with the VOSD team. We don’t have a helpline number. All queries will be answered via email. Please be patient as response will be delayed due the large number of emails that we receive every day.