Know your dogs’ rights: Respose to the unlawfulness of restrictions on pet dogs imposed by apartment owners’ associations, housing societies, and RWAs

This is a query that comes very often. Pet parents are told by their ‘neighbors’ that their pets are causing problems namely, noise littering and spreading disease [Before we continue it can’t be emphasized enough that you should be a responsible pet parent: keep your dog on leash in public places, teach your dog not to defecate in places in common public use and always pick/clear after your dog – its good manners and common sense, sterilize your dog so you have less to worry about in the ‘heat season’, amongst others]

When the pet parent refuses to part with the dog – the apartment or the resident welfare associations pass by-laws that effectively say that pets have to be removed.

The low-down on law is that any apartment/resident law can’t supersede local government laws, that can’t supersede state laws, that can’t supersede Central laws can’t supersede the legal statutes that can’t  violate the Indian Constitution.

You can use this letter, just by printing it and filling in the necessary details, in response to any such ‘by-laws’ brought into effect by the your apartment or resident welfare associations. Should you get a written/ legal response please reach out for help (to us, if required). Remember if you do not wish to abandon your pet, you can’t be made to.

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