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Infections in Dogs: What Every Pet Parent Needs to Know

Infections in Dogs - What Pet Parents Need to Know

Dogs are incredibly active creatures who need a lot of physical activity to remain healthy. They love being outdoors and long walks, meeting other dogs, sniffing around and marking their territory. However, in the midst of all this fun and play, the great outdoors can also pose a risk to pets as their natural resistance […]

How to Diagnose and Treat Tapeworms in Dogs

How to Diagnose and Treat Tapeworms in Dogs

Dogs being infected with internal parasites like worms is very common unless you take precautionary measures to avoid your pet getting infected. Tapeworms are one such internal parasite which mostly attacks the intestine. These tiny parasites or worms live in your dog’s gut and can be deadly if not treated early. Being a dog parent, […]

Feeding Stray Dogs: How to Be a Responsible Feeder

Feeding Stray Dogs

“Sharing is caring”. This old famous saying has been such an integral part of our lives. As children, experiencing the excitement of opening your lunchbox to share with fellow classmates, was a big part of our school days. And as adults, organising a potluck is a great way to socialize. Extending this hand of care […]

How to Help Stray Dogs in India: 10 Tips for Dog Lovers

Why should I help stray dogs? The answer is quite simple. Very often, you find yourself stepping out of your home and being surrounded by stray dogs. Some of them look quite healthy while the others look hurt, famished, or weak. Some of them even display signs of diseases. Should you just pass them averting […]

A Forever Home for Rescued Strays & Abandoned Pet Dogs

A Forever Home for Rescued Strays & Abandoned Pet Dogs

Stray dogs are quite commonplace in India. Thousands of our furry friends roam the streets every day, living in extremely poor conditions. While fairly non-threatening to humans, stray dogs are highly susceptible to getting injured from engaging in street fights with other dogs, or due to a road accident, or becoming carriers for rabies (which […]