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How is VOSD a no-kill Sanctuary?

VOSD no kill sanctuary and hospital

VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital is a unique place across the world for both its philosophy and scale from dogs. There are several distinct characteristics of VOSD that make us unique in the world not just for what we do and how we do it but at the scale at which we do it as well.  […]

Best Dog Food – How to Choose the Best Food for your Dog?

As people become increasingly aware of the importance of a good diet for their pets, the demand in stores has also gone up. The customer is now more discerning, always thinking about which is best dog food or what is best dog food with grain. Royal Canin dog food, Pedigree dog food, and Orijen dog […]

10 years of VOSD

10yrs of VOSD world's largest no kill sanctuary and hospital for dogs

The Voice of Stray Dogs or VOSD was established in Sept 2010 in response to a specific case of an alleged killing of a child in Bangalore by ‘stray’ dogs. The then government and bureaucracy were quick to point that it is indeed stray dogs that have killed, dragged and then devoured a 5yr old […]

Pet Transport – How to Transport Dogs Within and From India

We don’t choose our dogs, they choose us. Speaking of, have you had your heart stolen by a dog or puppy recently, from a different city? Has your heart already welcomed this furry friend into your family, but you need to physically bring the dog from another city? Or are you moving to another city […]

Which are the Rarest Dog Breeds in the World? VOSD

The Rarest Dog Breeds in the World For a long time, people have been absolutely fascinated by different breeds of dog, especially unique dog breeds. While we are still trying to figure out what the rarest dog breed is (we think it’s the New Guinea Singing Dog), dog breeds rarely make the news these days […]

How do you treat Amoeba Infections or Amebiasis in Dogs?

Learn how to handle an amoeba infection in your dog. But first, learn what exactly it is. Amoeba infections are little-discussed but dangerous infections that can cause a host of problems for your dog. The absolute worst part of it is that you can give the infection to your beloved dog. Imagine living with that […]