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Halitosis or Bad Breath in Dogs

Understand halitosis in dogs so you can take rapid steps to cure this disorder.  Introduction Halitosis is when an offensive odour comes from your dog’s mouth. This is generally seen as bad breath and can be chronic. Gums that are unhealthy or carrying some form of disease are usually the reason for Halitosis. The ever-present […]

Can Dogs Eat Bread? Is Bread Safe for Dogs?

The answer to the question is, a conditional yes. Plain white bread is safe enough, but only in moderation. It is not the same as how much human beings consume bread in all its various forms. Still, it is to be avoided if your dog has any allergies. Bread is nothing but a filler and […]

What is a Teacup Dog? (Learn All About Teacup Dogs)

Thanks to celebrities and Instagram models, more people are now looking to own teacup dogs. But before you rush into it, it’s important to have a fair understanding of these little pooches so that you can be a better pet parent. Remember, while they do look cute and promise to leave you smiling all the […]

Benefits of Calendula for Dogs

What is Calendula? Calendula is one of the most beautiful flowers with its bright and rich colours of orange and yellow and long petals. They never fail to lift your spirits which is why they are also known as pot marigold. Calendula also is popularly known as Mary bud and garden marigold.  Fortunately, it is […]