Anaerobic Infections in Dogs: Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Acoleplasma

What is mycoplasmosis? Mycoplasmosis is a disease caused by any one of the three parasitic microorganisms. These are mycoplasma, ureaplasma, and acoleplasma and they are anaerobic infectious agents. They are called anaerobic because they do not need oxygen to live and thrive. They are the smallest of organisms and can reproduce independently. Moreover, they are […]

Brain Cell Degeneration in Dogs

What is brain cell degeneration? Brain cell degeneration, otherwise known as cerebellar abiotrophy, is inherited in which the cerebellar tissue of the brain degenerates over time. It is a neurological disorder and is more common in puppies. It can also happen to many different breeds. Brain cell degeneration occurs because of an absence of the […]

How to Determine a Dog’s Health From its Faeces

Did you know your dog’s poop can be such a clear indicator of what’s wrong with your dog’s health? It’s true; you can find out all you need to know from studying the colour, consistency, odour, and frequency of your dog’s faeces. You will be able to figure out if your dog is in need […]

Involuntary Muscle Trembling in Dogs

Dogs experience involuntary, repetitive, and rhythmic movement in their muscles that are beyond their control. This muscle trembling can happen while the dogs are resting, and it can affect an isolated part of the limb or the whole body. These movements are unpredictable and intermittent or they may occur at a specific time during when […]

Preparing for inner-city travel with a dog

More and more, people are unwilling to holiday without their beloved dogs. This is great! Learn a thing or two from us to make travelling with your dog an absolute breeze.  Are you planning to travel with your dog? Why wouldn’t you? After all, you and your dog must be inseparable. However, in order to […]

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog: All About This Rare Breed

Introduction Personality and power combined, the Rhodesian Ridgeback dog originates from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), South Africa. They fall under the ‘hound’ category and because of their innate ability to hunt, they were used to track down large prey such as lions. Now, of course, the breed has become a much-loved and popular family pet. One […]

Can Dogs Eat Coconut? Is it Safe?

Introduction The sweet, fresh pulp of a coconut can be the most appetising and refreshing, on a hot summer day. It is highly nutritious and contains protein, several important minerals and select vitamins. Its rich antioxidant properties may prevent multiple health issues such as heart disease, may control blood sugar levels and may protect damaged […]

Halitosis or Bad Breath in Dogs

Understand halitosis in dogs so you can take rapid steps to cure this disorder.  Introduction Halitosis is when an offensive odour comes from your dog’s mouth. This is generally seen as bad breath and can be chronic. Gums that are unhealthy or carrying some form of disease are usually the reason for Halitosis. The ever-present […]