Caring for Dogs During the Monsoon

It’s June and the rainy season is coming (mon)soon! As a pet parent, are you prepared?

While the weather is great and there are lots of fun activities we can do indoors, it’s important to remember that dogs need to get their daily exercise, no matter the season. Here are some things you can do to make sure your dog is clean, healthy and safe during monsoon season.

Keep your doggo’s surroundings clean

Moisture in the air can lead to fungus and bacteria in places you could never imagine. Clean your dog’s watering bowl, their food dish, and ensure that they have a clean bed to sleep in. You already have disinfectant in large quantities right now, so don’t hesitate to disinfect everything!

Bathe your doggo during the monsoon

Getting wet in the rain is not equal to a shower! It is essential to bathe your dog during the monsoon season. If you live in a tropical area, it’s likely that there are leeches in wet parts. Do bathe your dog well and check for ticks and leeches. (You don’t want a leech up your dog’s nose.)

Photo from Pixabay.

Check for fleas and ticks

Use ointments and powders on your dog’s fur to keep all the little creatures at bay. Don’t forget to deworm and vaccinate your dog either. During the monsoon, there are more chances of deadly insects and ticks, so do your best to keep an eye out.

Exercise in monsoon is important

Your dog might want to get cosy with you under the blankets on a wet, gloomy day. Try and get your pet to exercise indoors by playing with them. They will also appreciate the love and affection. It’s also okay to have some fun and go out and play in the rain- but make sure to follow these tips once you get back in.

Invest in doggo rain-gear

Buy a raincoat for your short or long-haired dog, and maybe some paw-boots. It will save you time with the post-walk cleaning process.

Dry your dog well after coming back inside

Dogs can fall sick of they are wet and in an air-conditioned area, so make sure to switch off the AC and towel dry your dog thoroughly.

Be kind to the strays

Your dog is lucky to have a loving parent like you. There are millions of dogs on the street who will rough it out alone. Try and leave a warm and dry space for them (maybe in the garage) with food and water. They will be fur-ever grateful.

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