Dog Registration in India: A Guide for Pet Parents

Dog Registration in India: A Guide for Pet Parents

The importance of registering your dog with the proper authorities cannot be overstated. Since there is no countrywide law with regard to registration, it is important to know as much as you can about the municipal authorities in different cities in India and the process of registration. 

Earlier, in many cities, you could even be fined if you failed to register your dog with their municipal corporations; ex.: Lucknow. However, not all cities had such stringent practices. Noida is one of those cities that did not have such a rule, and many people may not have bothered with registration, at all.  

Here’s all the information you need about dog registration in India. 

Why pets need to be registered?

It is a fact that although there is now a rule to register your dog, not many people follow this rule. They continue to keep their pet dogs at home without registering them and sometimes even without renewing the mandatory license annually. Why are we insisting that all furry friends must be registered? Because:

  1. It is the law and therefore, mandatory.
  2. It is cheaper to get the license than having to pay the penalty for going without one.
  3. Proves that your dog has been properly vaccinated. 
  4. It is essential to have your dog registered with the right documentation if you ever plan to enter your pet in dog shows. Your dog will not be accepted otherwise. That is not to say that if you have no intention of having your dog take part in dog shows, you do not need to register your dog. 
  5. The Government of India has made this stipulation that it is forbidden to breed unregistered dogs for dog breeders and potential dog owners. 
  6. All pertinent information about your dog can be accessed only with the help of registration that comes along with the microchip. This is critical for dog owners in case your dog goes missing. Tracing and locating your dog and bringing it back home is possible with such information. 

How to register your dog in India?

Now that you know why your dog needs to be registered, find out how it can be done.

There are only two rules. One is to register your dog with KCI (Kennel Club of India), and the other is to register your dog with the local municipality. 

If you have bought your dog from a breeder, you would also have received the KCI certificate with a microchip. This will come with a form called Transfer of Ownership signed by the breeder for the ownership to be transferred to you. You can use this form to submit to the local KCI to register your new dog.

If you did not receive any certificate from the breeder, you might have to wait for a year before you can get your dog registered with the KCI. You will have to carry postcard-sized photographs of your dog along with the requisite forms for this process. 

Once the registration is completed with the KCI, you will need to go through a similar process with your local municipality. The process varies depending on which city you and your dog live in. It would help for you to visit the local office and take the necessary action. 

Here are some rules regarding dog registration in different cities:

Bengaluru: In 2018, the Bruhat Bengaluru MahanagaraPalike (BBMP) had issued a few by-laws regarding pet dogs. This included a cap of one dog per apartment and three per independent villas or houses. However, they faced great resistance from the people of the city, and the BBMP has felt the need to address the concerns from dog owners. 

The reasoning behind initiating the one dog per apartment is that an apartment has less space than an independent home and may become congested with a family and their dog. It is in keeping the welfare of the dog in mind. Still, the process of registering your dog with BBMP remains mandatory. 

Delhi/NCR: The Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, Section 399 stipulates that every dog owner should register their pet. The dog registration includes an annual registration fee of Rs. 500 along with documentation to prove vaccination, a photograph, and proof of address as well as breed. 

Mumbai: Maharashtra Municipal Provincial Act, Section 14, rule number 22(a) sub-clause 386 stipulates that every pet owner must get a license for their dog. The pet owner must furnish an address proof document, a photograph, most recent vaccination reports, contact information of the owner, and the vet’s name with the information on the vet’s clinic. A fee of Rs 75 will be charged for the first time registration, and subsequent renewal charges will be Rs 50./-

Pune: The municipality in Pune is open to advance registration for ten years for a fee of Rs 500/. The pet owners will need to submit three passport size photographs, anti-rabies certificates, and the pet owner’s address proof. Additionally, the dog has to get re-registered each year. 

Chennai: The Greater Chennai corporation can issue a dog’s license for a cost of Rs 50/-. This includes free immunisation from the corporation-run clinics in the city. The dog owner only has to supply the details such as name of the dog, its colour, breed, and age along with contact information of the dog’s owner. 

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