About Us

VOSD has rescued and treated over 8,000+ dogs over the years. We are a permanent home to hundreds of rescued dogs from across various cities in India. Read some heartwarming and sometimes even shocking rescue stories of our babies. Dogs who have no home and no hope in India, have VOSD.

How to Help


To surrender a rescued dog/abandoned pet dog to VOSD, please check VOSD surrender process on our website and then write to info@vosd.in.


Due to unplanned, excessive construction and encroachment in urban and semi-urban areas, the natural habitat of animals has been destroyed. With little to no naturally available sources of food or shelter, stray dogs resort to wandering, scavenging whatever they can find edible. By offering a hand, we can give these displaced and troubled beings a new lease of life.

VOSD is working with on the ground volunteers, stray dog feeders/caretakers, and enthusiasts that are on a mission to help every dog in need. If you’re willing to go the extra mile for our furry friends, do donate or volunteer (fill the volunteer form on the homepage) to participate in our Dog Rescue programs. Here are some of our inspiring dog rescue stories.

Triple Amputee with 6 puppies, was rescued after a horrific train accident
A Pakistani Bully Mastiff
rescued from death-row
Guddan and Gudiya – Shih Tzus
rescued from Mumbai
Berry the Rottweiler from Kota
abandoned with ascites
Blind and brain damaged
Cocker Spaniel from Mysore
An Indian stray dog, who became a victim of a hit and run accident in Pune
Dancing has neural (brain) damage and muscular dysfunction

How to help us on our mission to rescue stray and abandoned pet dogs


Start at home

The best way to help our team is to help the dogs in your own community and vicinity. Stand up for the voiceless dogs around you and take the initiative to help them either yourself or by sharing the responsibility with like-minded volunteers. 

Your donation can make a huge difference

Caring for a stray dog is not an easy feat. Dogs that are rescued and placed at our premises need all the care and attention they can get, and this comes with huge financial responsibilities. Your donation can make a huge difference and help us meet daily expenses, maintain living standards, and rescue many more dogs in need across the country.

Sponsor a dog

Spot a dog that melts your heart? You can become our dog’s virtual parents by donation a small amount for his or her life long care. Visit here to sponsor one of our dogs.

Appreciate our efforts

Spread the bark! Give VOSD a shoutout on social media and encourage your network to participate, donate and volunteer. You can also help us raise funds for specific campaigns that we  focus on such as dog rescue drives

Get creative

Another way to contribute to VOSD is by showing your creative side. Help us spread our dog rescue stories by blogging or documenting our efforts. Volunteer your skills, whether you are a social media ninja or a lawyer, you can help in your own unique way.



Dog Rescue: Your Questions Answered


What steps should you take on encountering an injured or abandoned dog?

If you come across an injured or abandoned stray dog, take the following steps:

Try to secure the dog with help of anyone who is experienced in handling injured or abandoned stray dog

If you can’t find such people, call the nearest NGO or Vet clinic for assistance. Also, post on social media dog rescue groups of your city on Facebook or Insta pages and seek immediate help.

Once secure, take the dog to the nearest vet for treatment and checkup. Do not try to feed water or food to an injured dog. You will end us causing more harm. Just keep the dog warm and clean till a vet is able to check the dog and give you further advice for care.

How do stray dogs adapt to the new environment at VOSD?

Once rescued, stray dogs are introduced to our premises, we give them all the time they need to adapt by:

  • Each dog goes through a medical checkup and behaviour assessment based on the same dog is assigned a particular kennel area.All dogs are given time to get used to the new smells and environment around them. 
  • Letting them decompress at their own pace, and not rushing a connection 
  • Helping them get into a particular routine for play, food, and sleep
  • Exercising patience, understanding their anxiousness and letting them retreat to their safe space in case they still aren’t yet fully comfortable around us 
  • Each set of dogs in the sanctuary has dedicated caregivers responsible for their health and happiness. These caregivers are trained to notice medical and behavioural issues so those can be addressed at the right time.

How much time will it take for the rescued dogs to adapt to surroundings?

Typically it takes a few days for the dog to get used to the new sounds, smell in the new area. Once they are comfortable you will start noticing that they eat better, seem more relaxed and sleep better. Any dog who seems restless is given additional care and time to ensure they settle well into the VOSD environment.

How is VOSD different from other animal shelters?

VOSD is not a dog shelter, we are a dog sanctuary. The dogs that we rescue stay with us for life and we provide them with a forever home. We are also a no-kill rescue, we do not euthanize dogs, and accept even the most severe cases of injured, abused dogs. We run one of the world’s largest dog rescue premises in Bangalore and have a dedicated work staff, grounds, facilities and infrastructure to take care of our rescue dogs. We also provide grants to individuals and NGO who strive to make the world a better place for dogs.