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Life in India is changing fast, but not fast enough for our street dogs. Haven’t you felt sad looking at the dogs in street? The terror. The hunger. The emptiness. Haven’t you wondered how could make it better. The best hope is for one to be rescued. But a rescued dog waits for either of 2 things – to get adopted or die waiting. Each ‘shelter’ or rescue has a limited geographical footprint.

Could it be any different? Well, VOSD makes a difference by supporting rescuers and rescue efforts across India. Dogs that have been rescued have a place to call home, no matter where they are and what happened to them.


At VOSD we have 800 happy healthy dogs, each one has its own terrible story of apathy or cruelty firmly in the past. Each was rescued. Some came without legs, or faces or eyes. Burnt by acid or scalding water. Tied to railway tracks to be run over by trains. Amputated by meat vendors for hovering around meat shops. Raped by men. Blind or paralyzed dogs unable to survive on the street. Sometime Rottweilers and German Shepherds labeled ‘aggressive’ because owners could not learn how to keep the dog. All of them call VOSD home. They run around like it never happened.

Our dogs consume 10 tons of the best human grade food each month, cooked fresh twice a day each day. Every inch of the entire space is scrubbed everyday. No ticks or fleas here. They live in place that is several acres many hundreds of trees and has large pools to swim in. There is veterinary facilities on the premises and access to the best vet facilities in the country in few hours away. Each dog gets the same level of care you would give if you had the dog at home.


VOSD is a place that is quite unlike any anywhere in the world. Dog rescues and dog rescuers from not just from Bangalore but from Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Chennai, Trivandrum, Indore, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Cochin and other cities send dogs to us. Dogs that need lifetime care of medical problems including long term recovery cycles or behavioral issues.

A dog brought in-to VOSD comes in ONLY when all options for its medical or behavioral rehabilitation have failed with local rescuers and NGOs. No dogs are ever kept chained. No dogs are ever euthanized because of lack of space, money resources. VOSD makes an impact across India – our medical advice is available for free to all rescuers and pet parents across India. So is our legal advice. Our highly effective over the counter products for tick and fleas and reflective collars are making the lives of street dogs safer across India.

VOSD 800 dogs depend on you to help them though. Make a small contribution. Remember VOSD pays no salaries for administration, management or marketing. 100% of all proceeds  are directly used for the dogs.


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