How to Cut Your Dog Nails (If They Are Scared)?

Not all dogs love grooming. But cutting nails is very important. Learn how to cut dog nails here.

It’s not easy cutting a dog’s nails. You have to figure out how to cut puppy nails before that, which is also a delicate process. Cutting a dog’s nails is important because it keeps the paws clean and hygienic, and it allows the dog to move around unhampered by long nails. Learning how to cut your dog’s nails can prevent these problems.

The process is quite simple, and you will find that with time, and a bit of help from the vet, you will be able to cut your dog’s nails like a pro.

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Here are some of the steps when trying to cut a dog’s nails.

Make them more comfortable

The first step is a crucial one. Grooming is way simpler if your dog is happy and comfortable. Get your dog used to these grooming sessions. For example, train your dog to like daily brushing. Trust us, this time with your dog is great for bonding.

Train you dog to allow paw handling

Once your dog is more comfortable being handled by you in sensitive places, get your dog used to its paw being handled for decent amount of time. Your dog should not pull away, but then again, you need to be gentle as well.

Reduce fear of the sound of clippers using treats

Clippers are complicated and potentially painful. Keep a treat handy when you’re handling clippers near your dog. If you’re diligent about your dog’s nail cutting schedule, your dog will gradually learn to get used to the sounds involved.

Don’t clip all at once, cut nails in increments

Be gentle. Don’t rush when you’re cutting your dog’s nails. Especially when it’s young, take it to the vet so you can learn how to cut puppy nails. Trim off excess nail growth gradually, and make sure to avoid the quick, which is a part of the paw and is not dead skin. Cutting this area can make things extremely painful for your dog.

Keep the clippers sharp and hygienic

Clean your clippers before and after a cut. Soak it in sanitiser so that all the germs are killed. In case of an accident, a dirty clipper could infect your dog and cause disease.

How to desensitise your dog to fear of clippers?

The best way to make your dog comfortable is by showing genuine love and affection. Keep treats handy during grooming sessions. If your dog is well behaved, don’t hold back on the positive motivation!

Common Dog fears and how to handle them?

If you are a new pet owner, remember that your dog is very sensitive to loud sounds. Even the sound of clippers, as we wrote above, can cause anxiety and fear. Be kind and train your dog from early on so that it can handle unexpected situations.

How to help dog get over fear of thunder?

Many dogs are afraid of thunder. They will withdraw, hide under a bed, and tuck their tails between their legs if they are scared. Make sure they know you are there to provide some comfort during a thunderstorm. Keep windows closed to reduce noise.

How to help dog get over fear of fireworks?

Step one: Don’t burst fireworks! It’s outdated and bad for the environment. Even worse, dogs hate fireworks. However, if you are planning to burst some crackers during the festival season, make sure to do it far away from your dog. Why would you want your beloved pet to have a horrible Diwali?

How to help a dog get over the fear of the vet?

Try and keep the vet consistent so your dog can build a relationship with him or her over time. If you move to a different neighbourhood and need to change vets, socialize them first by taking them for a preliminary visit. Give your dog treats once you reach the vet, and again once you get back home.

How to help a dog get over the fear of climbing stairs?

If you have your dog from a young age, take it slow! Guide your dog up and down the stairs but let it know that you are there and it’s safe.

Or, get another dog to teach them!

How to help a dog get over the fear of strangers?

The best way to help your dog deal with strangers is by early socialization. Ask your friends to visit and make friends with your dog at first! It’s essential that your dog gets to meet other people and other dogs, so that it can be well behaved in any situation!

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