Life of a Fighting Dog – Jenny Jinya’s Illustration


Jenny Jinya is an illustrator and animal rights activist from Germany who isn’t shy of touching sensitive topics regarding animal abuse in her heartbreaking comics. This is her new comic about the life of a fighting dog.

The artist posted this about her comic.

The ‘Bulli Kutta’, also known as the Indian Mastiff or Indo-Pakistani Mastiff is a breed often used for dog-fighting in India. At VOSD, we have a growing family of rescued ‘Bulli Dogs’ and you can read some of their stories below:


Meet (Badi) Shilpi – the Pakistani Bulli rescued in Delhi and then put on death row because nobody could touch her. She was dying of tick fever and weighed 15-16 kgs when she was rescued by a shelter in New Delhi. Seems hard to believe when you look at this happy picture, right?!

Today at VOSD, Shilpi weighs as much as a grown up person – nearly 70 kgs of pure love. Effortlessly, she dwarfs the rather large Rottweiler – Whiskey, and is mama to Choti Si Asha, who at about 2 kgs. weighs no more than Shilpi’s head – You can also Make a Change! Put a Smile! – by sponsoring a dog for treatment – click to know more

Choti Shilpi before she was rescued


Choti Shilpi is a large Pakistani Bulli Dog and was rescued by a hotel owner in Lonavala, Maharashtra when she was abandoned by someone on a highway. But he did not know how to take care of her. She used to be tied outside his hotel and had a lonely life till VOSD Founder, Rakesh Shukla came to know about her and reached out to his friends in Pune to bring her home to the VOSD Sanctuary.

Choti Shilpi – being at least 15 kgs lighter, can fling a full grown Rottweiler like a rag doll. Since coming to VOSD, she has put on 20kgs and as gentle as a lamb when she is around dogs and children.


Two Pakistani Bully Mastiff puppies survived a three-day train journey from Ambala, Punjab to Bangalore and made VOSD their permanent home. Micro and Mini had lost their mother and were fighting to live when they were rescued by our team.

Though Micro couldn’t survive, his sister is a healthy adolescent today and one of the naughtiest puppies VOSD has ever seen. Wires, chargers, papers, pens, spectacles, mobile phones and clothes that are out to dry — she destroys them, and saves some for Badi Shilpi (our other 65-kg Bully ‘baby’) to pulverize as well!

You can help VOSD look after dogs rescued from dog fighting: