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About Us

‘Voice of Stray Dogs’ aka VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital was founded on the principle that no dog will ever be euthanised because of lack of space, money or resources. Since we started, no dog at VOSD ever has been. Each dog has the best, most sophisticated and most expensive, medical care in India.

So far, VOSD has rescued 8,000+ dogs, given 250,000+ state-of-the-art free treatments, and we continue to provide hundreds of treatments every day across India.

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It is not easy to do what we do, but you can help us care for our dogs. Monthly expenses to run the VOSD Sanctuary are extremely high, and your support helps us provide the best care for our resident dogs and fund VOSD stray dog rescues and sterilisation projects across India.


You can choose to support VOSD directly and donate to us through a credit card / debit card / UPI.

Make a Donation

Select Payment Method
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Donation Total: ₹500.00 One Time

Support our monthly expenses at VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital, as we look after hundreds of rescued dogs.


You can support active VOSD campaigns that extend our outreach to dogs across India.


Is VOSD the right choice?

VOSD prides itself on being the world’s largest ecosystem of no-kill rescue, rehabilitation and lifelong care for dogs, and the services that support it. We rescue over 200 dogs a year across 30 cities and take special care to provide the best environment for these dogs, giving them a second chance at life.

If you are equally passionate about the welfare of strays and abandoned pet dogs, do your bit to help safeguard your companions by supporting us through donations or by volunteering. We collect donations for dogs to ensure that our strict hygiene, safety, and welfare standards are maintained as we scale up our operations. 

Donations: how do they help?

VOSD plays an integral part in a stray dog’s life as we help rehabilitate strays who are incapable of fending for themselves due to abuse or their health conditions. VOSD is located near Bangalore, India, and hundreds of rescued dogs reside here lifelong without ever worrying about food, shelter, and care. Our entire workforce is passionate about helping these dogs live a life of dignity, and your donations for dogs help us continue on our mission.

Charity for animals: how VOSD uses your online donations

  • VOSD is the world’s largest ecosystem of no-kill rescue, rehabilitation, and lifelong care for dogs, and the services that support it.
  • It is a home for life for dogs who have no hope of surviving on the streets and we have the infrastructure to take care of ~1400 dogs all of which receive the best nutritional care, veterinary services, and lots of love and cuddles for the rest of their natural life.
  • VOSD Sanctuary was founded on the principle that no dog will ever be euthanized because of lack of space, money, or resources.
  • VOSD is home to not just India’s most ‘unadoptable’ dogs, but also of ‘Patriot Dogs’ — India’s service dogs who have been retired from the Karnataka Police, Reserve Police, Railway Police, Kerala Police and the Indian Army.
  • We provide the world’s first remote medical assistance service for dogs wherein our vets read diagnostic reports remotely and recommend treatments for injured/ ill dogs.
  • VOSD has created a series of firsts, including the world’s first mobile app for dog rescue and custom CRM to boost rescue and treatment operations. We have also created India’s first blood bank for stray and pet dogs.


About VOSD: Your Questions Answered


How is VOSD different from other animal shelters in the country?

First and foremost, VOSD isn’t an animal shelter, but a sanctuary with the capacity to take care of ~1400 rescued dogs that can live at our premises for life. We cater to the most difficult cases of rehabilitation such as dogs that have been blinded with acid, sexually assaulted, run over & paralyzed. We give these dogs a second chance at life and a safe home.

How does VOSD cater to such a large number of dogs?

All dogs at VOSD Sanctuary are free to roam within their 50+ enclosures spread across the 3.5-acre area as they are never chained or left in isolation. The dogs also have access to a veterinary hospital, 24*7 water & power supply, agility parks & a jet-powered hydrotherapy pool.

How has been VOSD able to manage its expenses and overhead costs?

In the early days of inception, founder Rakesh Shukla privately funded the organization. Later, VOSD started creating a series of product and entertainment brands/properties to help support operations, funded and patronized by dog lovers worldwide:

  • Art for Dogs (a dog inspired art exhibition)
  • Barking Mad (a stand-up comedy special)
  • Howling Mad (a music festival)
  • Stars for Dogs (invites celebrities)
  • Monster Bake (a dog food baking festival)

Since 2019, VOSD has started accepting donations online across India and the world, and since then over 20,000 donors/supporters have been sending in donations to help grow the VOSD ecosystem and care for the VOSD dogs.

What is the No-Kill policy of VOSD?

VOSD and its entire workforce believe in the ideology of serving our dogs with the same level of care and shelter as is given to a pet dog. It has never let go of any dog on account of a lack of resources, space, or finances.

As an organization, VOSD has a  strong No-Kill policy. Only if a dog is in unbearable pain and has no chances of recovery is euthanizing considered an option. However, to prevent abuse of the dogs at any level, the process requires three signatures in total (two from professional vets and the third being of the VOSD founder).

What tax benefits will I get if I donate to your charity online?

According to Indian bylaws, all online donations/direct bank transfers for nonprofit organizations that you do in INR get an 80G tax exemption.

How will VOSD use the funds once I make donations online?

Each month, VOSD requires a minimum amount of INR 17.5 lakhs to manage and run the VOSD sanctuary as is. Your funding is used to support one of these operational costs:

  • Food & nutrition
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Medical aid & treatments for our dogs
  • Speciality support from veterinary hospitals in Bangalore city

You can get a breakup of our monthly expense and figure out your donation for dogs by checking information given here.

What forms of payment does VOSD accept?

VOSD takes donations online through credit card /debit card / UPI in INR.  You can also support the campaigns running live on the dog donation website, and cover monthly expenses of  hundreds of resident dogs at the VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital by directly paying via IMPS / RTGS / NEFT modes.Bank details are mentioned below. For any donation related queries please write to us at



If you prefer to donate to VOSD directly, here are our
Bank Transfer / Cheque Details:

All donations in INR get an 80G tax exemption.

Donate in INR only using IMPS / RTGS / NEFT

Account Name: The Voice of Stray Dogs
Bank Name: Corporation Bank
A/c No. (RTGS/NEFT): 520101075883577
Branch Code: 000398
Account Type: Savings
MICR Code: 560017019
SWIFT Code: CORPINBB398: 560485056