Neem Datun- An Affordable Yet Sure Fire Way To Ensure Your Dog’s Oral Hygiene

“A smile is the only curve that sets everything right”; and when it’s a dog’s smile, it ought to bring happiness many times multifold.

But, did you ever pause to think that not maintaining good oral hygiene for your dog could unleash an avalanche of problems ranging from tooth decay, bad breath, infections et al.

Not only will it cause pain and discomfort for your furry buddy, but also lead to problems for us.

According to a survey, 85% dogs over the age 4, are suffering from some form of periodontal disease (a painful oral condition that can lead to tooth loss, infection). Oral problems, if left untreated, can allow the bacteria to enter via the bloodstream to your dog’s heart, liver, and kidneys and cause severe permanent damage to them.

Regular brushing, providing a healthy diet and chew toys can go a long way towards keeping their mouth healthy and smell fresh. Daily brushing is ideal for a dog; however, given our busy schedules and workloads, we should ensure that we brush their teeth at least 4 times a week.

A word of caution- Avoid using human toothpaste for cleaning your dog’s mouth. They contain fluoride, which is harmful for our tailed kids.  Dogs can tear apart the plastic toothbrush by chewing and can cause choking.

Also, we know that brushing their teeth can be a humongous task. And the readymade “dog toothbrush and paste”, “dog chews” are quite expensive for many of us.

How do we then take care of our dogs’ oral hygiene in a very economical way?

Neem Datun or Neem twig is the answer!!

The neem twig/datun are small twigs cut from the Neem tree. It is easily available and very economical. Also, there are many medicinal and herbal benefits of neem. But be careful, your dog might evade it due to the bitter taste. But yes, even if they chew for few minutes daily, it is beneficial enough.

Neem is ideal for protection and prevention of oral health and general well-being. Neem is also rich in anti-oxidants, reduces plaque-causing bacteria and has anti-bacterial properties.

Listed below are a few more benefits of using Neem datum:

  • Similar dental protection (can combat a host of infections, bad breath) as the regular brush and paste but at a fraction of the cost
  • Low maintenance; if the neem twigs dry up, just moisten it a bit
  • It can cool off minor irritations in the mouth
  • Can leave a soothing effect on inflammation
  • Has gum tightening properties

This twig/datun can be especially useful for people running animal shelters and taking care of large number of homeless dogs.

Your dog will take a bit of time to get adjusted to its bitter taste, but with patience and practice, he/she will get accustomed and with daily chewing for a few minutes, can save big bucks and also ensure your dog’s overall oral hygiene.

Oral hygiene is often overlooked but it is very essential for your dog’s health. Like regular grooming, regular oral care is mandatory.

They say a dog’s smile runs from the depth of their eyes to the tip of their tail, let’s pledge to protect that smile always!