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VOSD Pune focuses on Spay & Neuter of Stray Dogs

Spay and Neuter (also known as sterilisation or animal birth control) is the only way to effectively and humanely control the stray dog population.

VOSD will create its own team in different cities in India or partner with NGOs for sterilisation/neutering of stray dogs.

VOSD Pune focuses on the sterilisation of stray dogs in Pune.
We partner with organisations such as  Canine Control & Care, Karma Foundation, Animal Rescue Trust, etc. and private veterinary clinics to achieve our objective to humanely reduce the population of stray dogs through spay & neuter. Dog sterilization is most effective way for managing dog population.

Spaying and Neutering of Dogs – Why Is It Important?

It has always been a topic of discussion in the dog lover community whether the pets should be neutered/spayed or not. Some agree to it given the benefits, while some don’t. So, before we discuss the benefits of dog sterilization, let us first get an overview of the terms.

As per definition, Spaying is the surgical process of removing the reproductive organs of the female dog, while neutering is the process of removing male dog’s testicles. 

Benefits of Sterilizing Dogs

A dog that has been spayed/neutered cannot breed. This eliminates the chances of an overpopulation of dogs due to excessive breeding. Their chances of contracting a contagious disease or involving in a traumatic accident are also minimized as spayed animals are less aggressive. 

In male dogs, the chance of developing prostate or testicular cancer and hernia are considerably lower in a neutered male dog. The neutered dogs are generally more passive, however, this does not affect their protective instinct which is a concern that many have, especially with guard dogs.

In female dogs, the heat cycle usually lasts twenty-one days, twice a year, in this period the females usually howl to attract male dogs which may cause a nuisance to those living in the vicinity. However, once the neutering is done, the female dogs are much quieter and less aggressive. They also show lower signs of breast cancer (the rate falls to zero if female dog neutering is done before their first heat cycle). Chances of uterus infection, behavioural changes and mood swings, and messy spotting, etc. gets reduced too.

Process for Sterilization Drives


ABC Program

Unsterilised dogs are located, caught, transported to the surgery, neutered/spayed, vaccinated against rabies, given five days post-care and released to their original locations.

The concept of ABC (Animal Birth Control) Program was originally devised by the World Health Organization (WHO) to control the street dog population and eradicate rabies. As a part of this campaign, VOSD adheres to the rules laid down by the Government of India and will work in collaboration with municipal organizations to locate unsterilized dogs and get them neutered/spayed or vaccinated rather than getting them euthanized.


Stray Dog Rescues

VOSD Pune will also provide limited support for rescue of stray dogs who have met with accidents or are ill.

There has been a 23% increase in the number of accidents involving stray dogs in the past six years in Pune. To minimize these incidents, VOSD Pune’s establishment will be helping local bodies in rescuing stray dogs and providing them proper medical assistance for a speedy recovery. We help bolster the government bodies efforts and help them deal with our furry friends in a more humane manner. 

Neutering of Dogs: Your Questions Answered


What is the ideal age to neuter/spay a dog?

Vets believe that the best age to neuter a male dog is under 6 -12 months of age. If you’ve adopted a female dog and are pondering when to spay a female dog, the vets suggest waiting at least till they cross 6 months of age.

How expensive is the neutering process?

The average cost to spay a dog falls anywhere in the bracket of INR 5k to INR 10k while a general checkup can cost you around INR 1k per month. In most cases, dog neutering/sterilization cost is clubbed with a rabies vaccination and dysentery that goes up to INR 200 per shot.

What are the risks associated with getting a dog spayed?

The process of spaying mostly occurs in female dogs and involves the surgical removal of reproductive organs from their insides. However, it’s imperative that you know and understands the following risks associated with the process:

  • Increases the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs), orthopaedic disorders, and might have an adverse reaction to vaccinations
  • If spaying is done before 1 year of age, it increases the risk of contracting a bone cancer
  • The probability of the dog getting obese gets higher

What are the myths surrounding the dog neutering/spaying process?

These are the two most common myths that circulate in the pet owners:

The pets will not become overweight if spayed

Your dog can easily gain weight if they aren’t indulging in any physical exercise (walking/running, etc.). So, control their diet, keep them fit and strong by regular exercise, and also monitor their food intake to keep a tab on their calorie intake.

Neutering fixes all behavioural issues

Dog neutering is just a surgical process that minimizes undesirable behaviour by lowering down the count of testosterone levels within the body. It’s not a foolproof guarantee that the dog will undergo a sudden behavioural change after he gets neutered.

Meet the VOSD Pune team

Deepali Dahiya

Deepali is an MBA graduate living in Pune. She is a business partner with ‘FBATT Solutions’. She has been taking care of street dogs for several years and keeps special place in her heart for senior dogs.

She is a mamma to two cutie furry kids. She is a voracious reader and loves painting in her free time. She has been volunteering for VOSD since 2017.

Ashwini Waghmare

Ashwini is based in Pune. She is a Communication professional in a reputed IT company with over 19 years of work experience. She is an avid Baker and loves listening to music and reading.

She has been taking care of stray dogs since childhood. She has a leadership role in the VOSD Pune team and is focused on sterilisation, rescue and rehabilitation of stray dogs.

Laxita Bhuruth-Shahid

Laxita hails from Mauritius and she is a French language trainer with a leading MNC in Pune where she currently resides with her family. She has been training advanced French level for over 15 years now.

Laxita started taking care of the street dogs after coming to India. She has been volunteering for VOSD since 2017. She moved back to her home country Mauritius in 2021 and has been leading the Animal Birth Control program in Mauritius as part of the Government initiative to reduce the population of stray dogs and make pet sterilisation also mandatory. She actively works for the rights of stray dogs and other stray animals in her country.

Beena Malikaveetil

Beena has been passionate about taking care of stray dogs since childhood. Since 2017 she is a management team member of VOSD which is the world’s largest ecosystem of no-kill rescue, rehabilitation and lifelong care for stray and abandoned pet dogs, and the services that support it. She has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry in Marketing and Communications domains. She is a certified life and business coach helping people find solutions to challenges in their lives. She was one of the founders of Tail ‘N’ Trees NGO in Pune.

She lives with her family in Pune and is a proud mom of 2 boys Oscar and Jerry, girl Sweety and naughty cats, Simba & Monte.

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