Online Vet Advice for Dogs

Second Medical Opinion for Dogs

This ‘digital first’ behaviour is extending into all parts of our lives. Telemedicine is the need of the hour and why should dogs be left behind?

VOSD has been providing FREE remote veterinary healthcare services by increasing our digital footprint since 2013 with the first mobile app for rescues, thousands of second medical opinion sent via emails to pet parents and rescuers, telephonic guidance for first aid and rescues etc. 

VOSD has always been innovating to expand our outreach and help as many stray and pet dogs as possible.


VOSD Firsts

  • We created the world’s first mobile app for stray dog rescue.
  • World’s first custom CRM for rescue and treatments that tracks dogs, vehicles, and personnel through all stages from pickup > admittance > diagnostics > individual treatment > discharge/release. This custom CRM also cross-referenced and tagged GPS locations, time, and individual procedure data to create detailed reports. It also provided near real-time updates of each treatment to the dog’s reporter via app, SMS and email. This entire system was made available to any NGO that wanted to use it free of cost.
  • VOSD created India’s first blood bank for rescued stray and pet dogs. 
  • World’s first remote medical assistance service for dogs — includes reading diagnostics remotely and recommending a specific treatment.
  • India’s first hospice for old dogs made available for any referred, senior street dog.

VOSD Vet Second Opinion

VOSD provides the best veterinary advice for the most effective, and financially prudent upkeep of dogs in your care. This can range from first aid to secondary opinion on illnesses, or long-term maintenance of renal, liver, cardiac, pancreatic, gallbladder failures and other complications no matter where you are in India.

This comes to you from our team of veterinary experts and based on our tremendous medical experience of over 250,000 treatments. And it’s free!

As a first in India, VOSD has introduced the concept of “Digital First” veterinary services for dogs. In today’s pandemic situation it is highly recommended to limit our exposure and stay indoors as much as possible. However, in the case of a medical emergency, our hands are tied and we have to seek help. To help dog parents who are going through trying times, we’ve introduced a telemedicine for dogs service which allows you to seek online treatment for dogs from qualified veterinarians. 

You can now seek online veterinary help without any physical contact. You can consult them for all kinds of veterinary advice through phone, skype or the tool of your choice. Simply discuss the symptoms your pet is facing and get a diagnosis online. If you need emergency vet advice for dogs, please send us an email.    



How does online pet advice help you?

  • You can obtain online veterinary help/advice for dogs and provide them the best medical care immediately by seeking online vet help in emergency situations where travel is not possible. 

  • Most dogs often flinch at the idea of visiting a vet clinic as they don’t enjoy the experience. If your dog is one of them, telemedicine can easily provide you with online vet help for minor ailments. However, if your pet suffers from some major health issues, visiting the clinic in person is recommended.

Rather than using google to decide on what’s right for your pet, it is always better to ask a professional vet online for free. The vet will also be able to guide you on your pet’s nutrition, exercise and vaccination schedule if you are a new pet parent.  


How to get a second medical opinion from VOSD

  • Submit your original diagnosis and supporting documents by writing to
  • Remember to include the latest dog pictures, breed, and weight details
  • Specify your list of questions and concerns
  • Our team will review and get back to you within 24 hours
  • Please note this is NOT an Emergency Service so kindly do not write to us for emergency cases. Instead take the dog to the nearest vet clinic.

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Didn’t we tell you, we make dogs happy.™


Telemedicine for Dogs: Your Questions Answered


  • What is telemedicine for dogs?

    The term ‘Telemedicine’ signifies the concept of taking online pet health advice from expert veterinarians without the location posing a barrier between the pet owner and the vet. It comes helpful in cases vet clinics are closed or if you’re unable to travel due to certain circumstances


  • Why is VOSD pioneering telemedicine for dogs?

    We at VOSD believe that going digital with our services will help us aid as many dogs as possible across the nation. To that end, we’ve created a tech infrastructure to help dog owners avail easy and accessible online vet help

A few firsts that the VOSD team is proud of: 

  • We have created the world’s First mobile app to facilitate stray dogs rescue
  • We have a custom CRM that monitors & tracks all aspects from pickup to discharge for dogs, vehicles, and personnel
  • First remote medical assistance service (Telemedicine for dogs) which allows vets to remotely diagnose and recommend treatment based on symptoms.


  • How does telemedicine affect Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship [VCPR] ?

    A VCPR gets established when the vet starts examining your pet in person and pays a regular visit henceforth to monitor its health. As a part of VCPR, you allow the vet to treat all sorts of medical conditions ever experienced by your pet and make decisions on your behalf concerning pets’ health. You also allow them to keep a full track record of your pet’s medical care, give you complete oversight of treatment & assist you with getting emergency care for your pet if need be. Ideally telemedicine is practised when the vet has already met your animal in the past and is aware of their medical history.


  • Is Telemedicine for Dogs the future of veterinary care?

    Telemedicine is surely going to revolutionize veterinary care. The current pandemic situation forced the vet clinics to remain shut giving a considerable boost to veterinary services online since most pet owners realized it offers high quality care in emergency situations. Telemedicine further reduces human-to-human interaction minimizing the spread of the ongoing pandemic, it also comes handy in case of extreme weather, or when the diagnosis or treatment is to be made in a remote location.