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Security of 800 VOSD dogs

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The VOSD Sanctuary is undoubtedly the best maintained and best-managed sanctuary for dogs in India – arguably anywhere in the world. It is also the world’s largest no-kill rescue and rehab system that operates in Bangalore (India). In the past four years, VOSD has rescued over 7,000 dogs, carried out over 250,000 sophisticated medical treatments to rescued dogs. This includes the VOSD Dog Sanctuary which is a permanent refuge for dogs, rescued not only by VOSD but by rescuers across India. VOSD Dog Sanctuary is home to no less than 800 dogs. 200+ of these have come from Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Chennai and several other places.

There is a concerted group of people trying to SHUTDOWN VOSD since past 5 years.

To ensure the security of the dogs it is already an extremely secure and tightly managed facility.
● Secured perimeter: It is a 6 -10 feet high cement/ chain-link fence that topped by a 2 feet high military style razor sharp concertina or constantine wire fence. It is impossible to jump in and out without causing very serious injury to yourself.
● Secured Entry & Exit: There is only 1 entry/ exit which has large locked double gates and a security cabin and 24×7 camera monitoring. No visitors or vehicles are allowed without prior notice or permission. All movement including routine movement is logged with registration and phone numbers etc.
● Security ‘pill-box’: At the main gate that allows those inside to safely interact and sign-in someone without exposing themselves at all.
● Monitoring with Cameras: 8 outdoor HD camera focus on the entry and the most vulnerable points in our perimeter.
● Power supply: Since we are in a rural area we get power officially for 12 hrs between 6 pm to 6 am. In practice it is between 8 -10 hrs. To ensure the dogs and the land area is well lit – we have 24 hr power backup in the form of 10 KVA power supplies with a 20 battery power bank. The backup power maintains stable power for the lights as well as cameras etc.
● Flood-lights & other lighting: There are 2 sets of lights that run through the farm – one is a set of 50+ LED lights that run on mains power. These light up all the 45 enclosures and all common areas. The second line has 25 high power LED floodlights that are on 20 ft high masts that light up all the common area and can maintain power throughout the night without mains power. Yes we look like a christmas tree even on the darkest nights.
● Cutting line of sight: The 45 enclosures have been designed in such as way that they are along the perimeter essentially anyone outside does not have a line of sight to these dogs. All the perimeter made with chain-link fences has been blocked with fiber sheets and nylon cloth wired to the fence that prevents anyone looking in and attracting the dogs to fence.
● Morning perimeter checks: Every morning starting 6:30 am the staff checks the entire perimeter on the inside for attempted breaches, foreign objects and head-count on dogs.

Recently there was an attack on the VOSD Sanctuary over 3 days (June 2018).
● On the night of 27 June fireworks were set off on the boundary of the sanctuary – that caused panic among the dogs because they have never even heard Diwali fireworks – they jumped fences tried to chew through the chain linked fencing, some ended up hurting themselves. But worse was the 6 rescued horses panicked and stampeded and in that stampede one dog that had come out its enclosure was trampled and died.
● On the night of 28 June 4-5 guavas (which we have on our plantation and on the neighboring plantation and are relished by our dogs as well as our horses) laced with poison where thrown in – in 2 places, both these were just on the edge of the camera sweeps and were thrown from inside the adjoining plantation – so faces could not be seen. One dog ate a fruit and died. This was discovered at the 6:30 am check.
● On the night of 29 June 4-5 poisoned guavas were thrown. And a bottle of poison with a stick as a stopper to allow the poison to leak, that fell just short of the largest of our 3 ponds. Those fruits were not eaten and were discovered in the morning checks.
● A written police complaint has been given but the local police stays unsympathetic even though we have service dogs from departments within the Karnataka police, Kerala police, from Railway Police Force, the Army etc.

Earlier in,
● In 2016 there was a case of poisoning and 3 dogs had died that included a police dog. A written complaint was given to the police.
● In 2014 there was a case of poisoning at the VOSD Trauma Center in Bangalore and 3 dogs had died. A police complaint was made.
● In 2015 a VOSD ambulance was vandalised completely and had to be scrapped. A police complaint was lodged.
● In 2016 a second VOSD ambulance was also vandalized and it too had to be sold for scrap. A police complaint was lodged.
● In 2014 and 2015 in 2 separate incidents VOSD personnel were dragged out of their vans and beaten up, at Mekhri Circle and at Airport Road. Police complaints were lodged.

It is not possible to cut the tree cover outside where the land does not belong to us, neither is it possible to raise the perimeter across several acres so high that an object can’t be thrown in – since something the size/weight of a ball or fist sized stone can be thrown to 50 ft easily. The budgeted cost for this even with nylon nets on steel masts runs into crores and still does to guarantee non-intrusion.

Therefore the current plan to secure the dogs, in addition to the current measures in place is:
● 2 new large semi open enclosures: We are creating two, 40 feet wide 80 feet long 10 feet high chain link enclosures with roofs and raised ground (this brings a large number of trees within the perimeter).

○ After sundown all the 150 dogs who normally are allowed to stay outside will stay ‘in’ here and the gates will be locked.
○ The enclosures will be made where the dogs naturally sleep in the 2 areas outdoors.
○ Once the perimeter check is complete in the morning these enclosures will be opened. This will prevent any ingestion of poisonous substances.
○ The budgeted cost of these enclosures is Rs 350,000/

● 4 new self contained security pill-boxes: Each will have a 1KVA power supply for 12 hrs, 1 fully enclosed roofed area, 1 steel mast with 4 LED flood-lights and 4 HD cameras.

○ These will be placed near the outer edges/ perimeter to give dramatically higher coverage of the perimeter.
○ The budgeted cost of each is Rs 37,500, for four it is Rs 150,000

● Fence and cover the 3 water bodies: Our water bodies hold 200,000 cubic feet of water. The largest pond has no fence and the other 2 have 4 foot high fence.

○ These will be raised to 10 ft chain link fence and covered with nylon so nothing can be thrown into the water.
○ The budgeted cost of this is Rs 200,000

Your support will make VOSD the safest place on this planet for our 800 dogs!
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