Pup BEATEN and about to be set ABLAZE, survives to start a NEW LIFE at VOSD

My name is Veer, the brave one, and this is my story. A passerby noticed a mob of slumdwellers throwing water on me and BEATING ME TO PULP, after which they doused me in PETROL TO SET ME ABLAZE. He immediately called Karma Foundation Pune and waited by my side holding the crazy humans at bay. Help reached, and I was taken to their hospital. I suffered from severe NERVE DAMAGE and SPINAL TRAUMA but above all, I was mentally and EMOTIONALLY SHATTERED due to this incident.

With weeks of treatment & dedicated individual attention by the Karma Foundation team, I made a complete physical recovery and was able to walk and run. However, I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and needed a free space where I could learn to trust again and have my own pack of friends. The safest place in the country for cruelty survivor dogs like me is the VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital, so I was sent by train from Pune to the sanctuary in Bengaluru to start a new life.

I was confused and scared at first, but later realised that I was only going to be loved, not harmed. My collar removal ceremony was the happiest day – because I finally felt like I could be free again! I was taken for a long walk inside the dog parks where I got to see how positive, safe, and pretty the campus is. Every day since, I have been exposed to new stimuli under a carefully controlled environment. I have visited different parts of the sanctuary, met many friendly humans, and spent time with calm and gentle doggos. While loud noises, gushing water, or sudden movements still scare me, I am positive of overcoming these fears too over time!

VOSD would like to whole-heartedly thank Karma Foundation for their commendable efforts in rescuing Veer and saving him from the clutches of death.

The VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital is a place of healing and recovery for cruelty survivor canines like me. I never thought I could trust or be happy again, but they gave me hope and a chance to believe. I urge you to donate INR 5,000 (~$63) one-time or monthly for the food & medical expenses of my furry friends: https://vosd.in/active-campaigns/monthly-expenses/. Your support can help VOSD save hundreds of other abused dogs who need us.

If you know of any dogs who have suffered trauma and abuse and need a safe place for life, you can surrender them to the VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital. For more information you can write to us at info@vosd.in