Ricky the rickets survivor & VOSD muscelman

Ricky’s Amazing Transformation

Ricky came to VOSD Dog Sanctuary as a thin dog with severe rickets. Look at his transformation now! Didn’t we tell you VOSD is a magical place?  He now has a strong upper body and legs and he is naughty boy who keeps stealing food from all the other dogs! Ricky is given VOSD SuperFoodThe only product in India with the goodness of Spirulina and pure egg protein. Suitable for dogs having difficulty in consuming sufficient feed to meet protein requirements to gain muscle – particularly when they are recuperating. Promotes hair and skin growth. And other essential supplements from the VOSD Dog Care range of products.

Become part of VOSD Family

You can support Ricky and other dogs like him have a better future and happy lives by donating for VOSD or buying VOSD Dog Care products today! Visit www.vosd.in/donate or www.rescuebyvosd.com

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