Should I Adopt Male or Female Dog? (Your Questions Answered!)

So you want to add to your family. You have always wanted a dog. You look around; you do your homework; you talk to other pet parents; you avidly follow social media and come across so many posts on adopting a dog; you start reading up on it; and decide that there’s your answer. Alright, you think to yourself. You will adopt a dog. Great, what comes next? 

Think of questions that will help you take the next few steps. First, do you want to adopt a male dog or female dog? Don’t take this question lightly. For some, it may make a difference and for others, none whatsoever.  In either case, as part of your homework it will help to understand the difference between adopting a male or female dog.  These differences may bring you closer to a decision and the reasons for your choice. Let’s look at a few of them, shall we?

What are the differences between a male dog and a female dog?

1. Obviously, the first is the biological difference. It follows that health or behavioural issues may also be based on the gender of the dog. Moreover, there is a theory that male dogs are slightly larger in size than their female counterparts. 

2. Both, the un-neutered male dogs as well as female dogs tend to hump at will. But, perhaps the un-neutered males a tad more than the females. What’s more, these male dogs tend to run away from home frequently in search of a mate!

3. Male dogs do not particularly enter the ‘in heat’ phase; but, un-neutered ones will be happy to hump any time of the year. They also mark their territory by peeing frequently. Female dogs on the other hand, if left un-spayed enter the ‘in heat’ phase twice a year and this is accompanied by a vaginal discharge. 

While these differences are valid to note, let’s not forget the nature versus nurture theory. Ultimately, the personality or the behaviours of the dog depends largely on the pet parents, training, and the environment.

Now that you are aware of the differences, you could list out your reasons for preferring one over the other. 

Do you want to adopt a male dog or female dog?

Reasons to adopt a male dog:

Size: If the size of the dog is important and you are looking to adopt one that is larger than the female, then there’s a reason for choosing to adopt a male dog.

Protection: Recent studies have found that the male dogs tend to be more aggressive. The upside of this is that they can be seen as more protective. So, if you are looking for a guard dog, you will probably want to choose a male dog for adoption. 

Independence: Male dogs are considered to be more aloof. This can be seen as being a trifle more independent than female dogs.  

Reasons to adopt a female dog:

Affection:  If you are looking to adopt a dog that is very affectionate, you may choose to adopt a female dog. Female dogs are considered far more affectionate than their male counterparts.

Trainability: If you wish to adopt a dog that is easily trainable, a female dog is seen as the better option. Vets across the globe have reported that female dogs are more amenable to instructions and are easier to train. Being more affectionate, they are more eager to please. 

Maturity: It has been widely reported that female dogs mature faster than male dogs. If you are the kind that wants a dog to show signs of maturity at an earlier age, you may want a female dog. Reports do suggest that male dogs are slower to mature in their adolescence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are female dogs more aggressive?

According to various reports from vets around the world, it is the male dogs that are found to be more aggressive. 

Is it better to have a male or female dog?

This is a no brainer, actually. There are so many other factors that ought to play a role in choosing to adopt a dog. The gender may even be irrelevant. However, having listed the differences and reasons, it is still more about making a choice based on the personality of the dog and your own capacity for understanding the behaviours and making the commitment required to ensure that the dog becomes a member of your family in every way.

Are female dogs smarter than males?

There is no scientific research that says that female dogs are smarter than male dogs. Female dogs are seen to mature faster than male dogs, especially during adolescence. By and large, a dog’s response to training is key.

Can’t adopt just yet? Why not sponsor one instead?

Having done your research, have you reached a decision? If your love and concern for dogs is as strong as ever and you are unable to come to a decision on adopting, you do have another option. You could sponsor a dog.

After all it is the love that matters. All you need to be sure of is that the dog is completely loved and cared for and that’s exactly what VOSD has to offer. VOSD is every dog’s home. When dogs arrive at VOSD, they are here to stay. We are committed to taking in dogs and keeping them through thick and thin. They are treated with utmost care and are given the best veterinarian care they can have. When they reach VOSD, they are finally home!

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