Second Medical Opinion for Dogs

This ‘digital first’ behaviour is extending into all parts of our lives. Telemedicine is the need of the hour and why should dogs be left behind?

VOSD has been providing FREE remote veterinary healthcare services by increasing our digital footprint since 2013 with the first mobile app for rescues, thousands of second medical opinion sent via emails to pet parents and rescuers, telephonic guidance for first aid and rescues etc. 

VOSD has always been innovating to expand our outreach and help as many stray and pet dogs as possible.


VOSD Firsts

  • We created the world’s first mobile app for stray dog rescue.
  • World’s first custom CRM for rescue and treatments that tracks dogs, vehicles, and personnel through all stages from pickup > admittance > diagnostics > individual treatment > discharge/release. This custom CRM also cross-referenced and tagged GPS locations, time, and individual procedure data to create detailed reports. It also provided near real-time updates of each treatment to the dog’s reporter via app, SMS and email. This entire system was made available to any NGO that wanted to use it free of cost.
  • VOSD created India’s first blood bank for rescued stray and pet dogs. 
  • World’s first remote medical assistance service for dogs — includes reading diagnostics remotely and recommending a specific treatment.
  • India’s first hospice for old dogs made available for any referred, senior street dog.


VOSD provides the best veterinary advice for the most effective, and financially prudent upkeep of dogs in your care. This can range from first aid to secondary opinion on illnesses, or long-term maintenance of renal, liver, cardiac, pancreatic, gallbladder failures and other complications no matter where you are in India.

This comes to you from our team of veterinary experts and based on our tremendous medical experience of over 250,000 treatments. And it’s free!


How to get a second medical opinion from VOSD

  • Submit your original diagnosis and supporting documents by writing to
  • Remember to include the latest dog pictures, breed, and weight details
  • Specify your list of questions and concerns
  • Our team will review and get back to you within 24 hours
  • Please note this is NOT an Emergency Service so kindly do not write to us for emergency cases. Instead take the dog to the nearest vet clinic.

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