VOSD is a home for dogs
that have no home and no hope

VOSD is the world’s largest ecosystem of no-kill rescue, rehabilitation and lifelong care for dogs, and the services that support it. We call this the VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital. VOSD is located near Bangalore, India, and hundreds of rescued dogs reside here lifelong without ever worrying about food, shelter and care. These dogs have been brought in from 30+ cities in India, via road, train and flight.

VOSD is a registered 12A / 80G Trust that started in 2013, that supports dogs across India.

The VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital is not a ‘shelter’. We do not give our dogs for adoption. Dogs at VOSD stay here for life — this is a place where each dog has a name and every dog is at home.

Our Philosophy


‘Voice of Stray Dogs’ aka VOSD Sanctuary, was founded on the principle that no dog will ever be euthanised because of lack of space, money or resources. Since we started, no dog ever has EVER been. Each dog has the best, most sophisticated and most expensive medical care in India.

So far, VOSD has rescued 8,000+ dogs, given 250,000+ state-of-the-art free treatments, and we continue to provide hundreds of treatments every day.

The VOSD Dog Sanctuary & Hospital

Each year 200-250 dogs join our VOSD family. These are dogs who have been formerly blinded with acid, run over and paralysed, sexually assaulted, slashed with knives or tied to train tracks to die. Dogs not just from Bangalore but from Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Chennai, Trivandrum, Indore, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Cochin and many other cities to reside permanently at VOSD. 

Dogs who come here are never kept in chains or isolated. They have access to their own hospital, a fleet of ambulances and 24×7 water and power supply (even though we’re in a remote location). The dogs here also have agility parks and a jet-powered hydrotherapy pool600+ trees provide shade here, in what was earlier barren land. 

All dogs are free within their 50+ enclosures in a 3.5-acre area. Each enclosure has an enclosed ‘indoor’ as well as an open area, lined with trees. The enclosures have heaters during the winter; and individual water bodies for the dogs to jump into and cool off during the summer.

This is the home of not just India’s most ‘unadoptable’ dogs, but also of ‘Patriot Dogs’ — India’s service dogs who have been retired from the Karnataka Police, Reserve Police, Railway Police, Kerala Police and the Indian Army.


REMOTE VET ASSISTANCE: Dog owners and rescuers can access world-class remote vet assistance through VOSD to take care of the dogs in their care. This service is provided free of cost.

SURRENDER A DOG TO VOSD: Any dog owner or rescuer anywhere can arrange for their dog to be sent to VOSD provided it fulfills certain criteria. Read more about our surrender program.

VOSD NGO GRANTS: VOSD’s partners in different cities are supported financially via VOSD grants that allow them to rescue dogs, many of which find their way to us in Bangalore. Read more about our grants program

VOSD STRAY DOG FEEDER GRANTS: VOSD also runs programs to support individual rescuers and feeders across India. Read more about our grants program

FREE, REMOTE LEGAL ASSISTANCE: VOSD remote legal assistance is provided free of charge to any dog owner / rescuer in India.


VOSD has always been innovating to expand our outreach and help as many stray and pet dogs as possible.

  • We created the world’s first mobile app for stray dog rescue.
  • World’s first custom CRM for rescue and treatments that tracks dogs, vehicles, and personnel through all stages from pickup > admittance > diagnostics > individual treatment > discharge/release. This custom CRM also cross-referenced and tagged GPS locations, time, and individual procedure data to create detailed reports. It also provided near real-time updates of each treatment to the dog’s reporter via app, SMS and email. This entire system was made available to any NGO that wanted to use it free of cost.
  • VOSD created India’s first blood bank for rescued stray and pet dogs. 
  • World’s first remote medical assistance service for dogs — includes reading diagnostics remotely and recommending a specific treatment.
  • India’s first hospice for old dogs made available for any referred, senior street dog.


From inception through 2015, VOSD was solely privately funded by its founder Rakesh Shukla, with an initial budget of over $2 million / INR 15 crores.

2015 onwards, VOSD started creating a string of product and entertainment brands to support VOSD. These include:

  • VOSD Dog Care: India’s most loved, non-prescription products from VOSD.
  • Art for Dogs: Buy paintings or photo-prints donated to us by India’s leading artists.
  • Barking Mad: India’s best stand-up comedians stand up for VOSD’s dogs!

From 2019, VOSD’s footprint and outreach started adding donors across India and the world. Since then, over 20,000 individuals have supported the growing VOSD ecosystem and helped care for our dogs.


Please Note:

We don’t have a helpline number nor do we provide emergency rescue services for dogs. We are only available through our website, app or email.

Please send us your questions at info@vosd.in