Success, Wisdom & Dogs | TEDx talk of Rakesh Shukla

Rakesh Shukla at TEDx ICT Mumbai, April 2017

Rakesh Shukla a technocrat, pursued his love for his four-legged friends by venturing into unchartered territories. He founded VOSD, a non-profit for rescue and rehabilitation of stray dogs. His fleet has rescued over 7000 dogs. In this TEDx talk, he talks about how he derives inspiration and motivation from his four-legged friends and how their grit and determination has driven him to conquer his fears and obstacles.

Mr. Rakesh Shukla, a software engineer by profession is the founder of TWB_ a technology firm which creates content and outsources technical communication for giants like Intel, Oracle and Microsoft among others. But, what truly defines him is his love for our sweet four legged friends. The path towards a safer living atmosphere for these godly creatures, however, has not been easy, with Mr. Shukla having to face barriers in the form of continuous protests and complaints to shut this project down. With great resolve and an undying spirit, he has managed to sway all the negativity away and make sure that his love for what he does never dies (He says Love Is A Verb!). It gives us immense pleasure to welcome the “Dog Father”, Mr. Rakesh Shukla as a member of our speaker panel.

About this TEDx Talk

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. (We had previously posted the unaltered text of this TEDx talk here)

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