VOSD Dog Care™ products: Using the VOSD Tick & Flea shampoo


Did you know the ticks are the No. 1 vector for mortality of dogs at home? Stay safe following a simple regimen to keep tick & flea away from your dog:

(1) Shampoo your dog: periodically with a tick & flea shampoo that contains Cypermethrin™
(2) Use a tick & flea Fipronil™ based lotion is there is an infestation or probability of infestation. Remember the eggs will hatch in a week so repeat usage is necessary to break the cycle
(3) When the dog is Tick & Flea free, use SpotOn that will give up to 3 months of protection. We’ve the first product in India with IGR – Novaluron™
(4) If there’s a heavy environmental infestation of ticks & fleas i.e they have started climbing up walls etc use an outdoor Insect Growth Regulator based spray that will break the adult-egg-adult cycle.
(5) If fleas have caused flea allergies/ skin eruption use a soothing tick and flea repellent lotion to heal and keep skin free of bacteria and fungal infections


VOSD Dog Care produces the most effective healthcare products for the most loved dogs in the world. And you can get the best preventives and treatments from VOSD Dog Care™ — along with the best advice and suggestions — no matter where you are in India.

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