Monthly Archives: January 2014

Cows for the slaughter: In the land of the holy cow & that officially prohibits cow slaughter*

India is the land of the ‘Holy Cow’, and cow slaughter is strictly forbidden by law across India, except in the states of  West Bengal & Kerala. All other states have enacted prevention of cow slaughter statutes (*see legislation enacted by the States / Union Territories on cow slaughter). In Uttar Pradesh, where the incident that we’re writing about occurred, […]

Know Your Rights: Dogs Using Elevators (Part 1)

Dogs in urban residential buildings are often banned from using the elevator. In Part I, we discuss whether it is legal to disallow dogs in elevators.  The article, court judgments and experts clearly establish that housing societies cannot ban pets from using the elevator. They cannot publish notices or frame bye-laws even with the consent of the general body […]

VoSD CRM 2.1: The world’s 1st CRM for Animal Rescue, now available on subscription to all rescue & rehab agencies across the world

‘The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD)’ has developed the world’s 1st CRM specifically for rescue organizations. Any rescue organization can now avail of this CRM as a subscribed service. The application itself is being provided free of cost but a small charge of INR 5000/$85 will apply annually, to cover variable costs such as SMS and […]

VOSD Announces – Blood Bank for Stray Dogs and Pet Dogs!

*The VoSD Blood Banks’ operating procedure is completely described in the Terms of Use here Press Release: 2nd January 2014, Bangalore, India: The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) today announced a ‘first of its kind’ service for animals – a blood bank for stray dogs, community dogs and pet dogs. With this, VoSD takes another step […]

Court Upholds Animal Birth Control Rights

The Allahabad High Court passed an order that opposes differing views of the Karnataka, Bombay, and Shimla High Courts, and upholds the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules unambiguously. On May 15th, 2013, the Chief Justice’s bench at Allahabad High Court passed the first unequivocal order by any high court, expressly disregarding municipal law provisions that allow the harming of […]