Surrender a Dog

VOSD is a home for dogs with no hope. If you would like us to take in a dog who is currently under your care, read more about our process.

About Us

VOSD is undoubtedly the foremost and best-managed sanctuary for dogs in India. This has been made possible by your cooperation and trust. Where else will you find acres of green area with over 600 trees, with not a single dog kept in a cage or a chain? Or large hydrotherapy pools, its own hospital, and a team of talented caregivers, caretakers, and vets?

Surrender a Dog to VOSD

VOSD is a home for dogs with no other hope.
We offer sanctuary to dogs who have been through life-threatening situations or who cannot survive on their own and have nowhere else to go. If you would like VOSD to take in a dog, read more about our procedures below. 


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Surrender Fee

The surrender fees is a small percentage of the cost that VOSD will incur in the lifetime care of the abandoned or rescued dog you want to surrender. A lifetime of food, supplements, veterinary support and medication. It takes approx. ₹ 20,000 per year to maintain a healthy dog and can be 5 times that amount to maintain an infirm/disabled/old dog. 

Surrender a Dog

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Donation Total: ₹20,000.00

How to Surrender a Dog to VOSD


VOSD Dog Surrender is a three step process:

1. Write to and get approval to surrender the dog. Send in photos and all details of the dog to get approval for surrender.

2.Fill the online form link sent to you and make the one time surrender payment of INR 20,000 if applicable.

3.Inform VOSD team via about the date you will send the dog to VOSD, either through a VOSD official partner or through private dog transporter.



If you raise the surrender ticket and make the surrender payment without following the above three steps or change your mind after making the surrender fees payment, your payment will NOT BE REFUNDED. We may allow you to use the payment for any future surrender in a paid category, but it will not be refunded as it is a tedious process for us.

Please note that we don’t have a helpline. All questions should be sent to and will be answered there. Do not send separate emails for each question – reply to ONLY ONE email chain with We have only one person managing the helpdesk so please expect a delay in reply to your email.

It is mandatory to send us the vaccination records of the dog with latest DHPPi and Anti-rabies vaccination details as part of the surrender process.

Please ensure the dog has been vaccinated before raising the ticket and making surrender fees payment. The dog should be preferably spayed/neutered though this is not mandatory.