About VOSD

At VOSD, we have performed 8000+ dog rescues and have an intake of 200+ dogs every year. These dogs are mostly abandoned, injured, and in dire need of love, rehabilitation, and treatment. We pride ourselves on being India’s top no-kill dog sanctuary. If you wish to help us in our mission to help more dogs, you can contribute by virtually sponsoring a dog

Why should you sponsor a dog at VOSD?

Catering to so many dogs is no easy feat. It requires patience, perseverance, and efforts from the entire team. At VOSD, we strive to give the best to all our furry friends, and we need your help to ensure that we can keep taking in more dogs. From dogs traumatized by accidents to those who have been victims of abuse and cruelty, we rehabilitate all kinds of dogs and help stray dogs live a life of dignity.

How can you help?

Here are some dogs at VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital that you could help right away! Please note we can’t provide any updates on individual dogs. We share information about some of our dogs only through our website and social pages.


Our ‘snoutless’ Indian stray dog


The Dobermann that lived a hard life of abuse


Senior but feisty Lhasa Apso from Kullu


A cruelty survivor rescued from Chandigarh


A timid and scared girl from Bangalore


A senior pug found abandoned with severe health issues


Mama dog and her babies rescued in Bangalore


An Indian stray dog whose tail was chopped off by a butcher

Sponsor a Dog: Your Questions Answered


How many times can I sponsor a dog in need?

There’s no limit to the number of times you can contribute. If you’re looking to help a dog on our platform, simply choose the dog on the page and contribute a lump sum or monthly amount to help stray dogs and abandoned pet dogs that are being taken care of at our sanctuary. Simply feed in your amount, checkmark the “Make this donation” checkbox, and choose your preferred recurring mode of payment from the dropdown. 

How do we utilize your contribution?

By sponsoring a dog from our sanctuary, you help stray dogs who have been abused or injured have a shot at a better life. VOSD is a charity for dogs that not just rescues them but gives them a forever home to live in. 

The amount you donate to sponsor a dog will be used to:

  • Give these dogs a safe, warm shelter
  • Provide a quality diet with all the right nutrients
  • Create playing areas to ensure physical fitness
  • Pay our work staff/ veterinarians

Can I sponsor only one dog at a time?

No, you’re allowed to sponsor as many dogs as you like. Simply, pay the sponsorship amount of your choice, and you’re good to go. Choose a recurring mode of payment or make a lump sum payment based on your convenience.All INR donations above Rs 500 are eligibile for 80G exemption. 

Are we serviceable only in Bangalore or other parts of India too?

VOSDs headquarters are in Bangalore, but we cater to hundreds of dogs from almost 30+ cities of India including – Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, etc. We are India’s largest ecosystem for dogs with a strict No-Kill policy and have worked alongside multiple local NGOs across the country to ensure dogs aren’t euthanized and get proper food, care, and shelter everywhere.

What payment methods do we support?

You can pay us directly in our bank account (details of which are given on our website) through credit card/debit card/UPI. All donations made in INR get an 80G tax exemption. All your donations are used to sponsor a dog in need of help and you’ll receive regular updates via our social media channels. 

Is there any way to cancel my sponsorship?

We at VOSD understand that circumstances can change anytime. Hence, we give our sponsors the flexibility to pay a one-time sponsorship fee or make it a recurring payment. However, if you’re on a recurring payment mode you can discontinue directly from your Razorpay account or you can do so by contacting us at info@vosd.in.