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VOSD Dog Food Contract

VOSD the Bangalore-based non-profit which is the world’s largest no-kill dog rescue and sanctuary announced that it is planning a shift from the present system of supplying food & evaluating vendors to supply food for the dogs in its care and has released a tender/RFP that asks for 120 tons of dog food p.a. to be […]

Oral Hygiene for Dogs: How to be a Responsible Pet Parent?

“A smile is the only curve that sets everything right”; and when it’s a dog’s smile, it ought to bring happiness many times multifold. But, did you ever pause to think that not maintaining good oral hygiene for your dog could unleash an avalanche of problems ranging from tooth decay, bad breath, infections et al. […]


muthu and silver VOSD Sanctuary

MUTHU AND SILVER: 2 DOBERMANS FROM DELHI You know the story. Dangerous Dobermans nobody wants to keep. We keep dogs nobody wants to keep! Hell, we ONLY keep dogs nobody wants to keep. MUTHU and SILVER (they’ve come with these names and for a change we love them – who won’t love MUTHU for crying […]

Identifying and Tackling Poisoning in Stray Dogs

Frequently I get distress calls from stray dog feeders that all of a sudden their dog/s are frothing from mouth and having fits. 90% of the time these turn out to be poisoning cases. Stray dogs being scavengers, can get exposed to poisonous substance if they ingest already poisoned rat or poisonous plants or toxic […]