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How Can I Know my Dog Has a Fever?

How can I know my dog has a fever?

What is dog fever? Just like in humans, dogs suffer from fever which indicates rising body temperatures and weakness. But in dogs, it is considered a fever if its body temperature is between 99 and 102 degrees. This is because a normal dog temperature is higher than that of human beings. The symptoms of fever […]

Does Your Dog Have a Fever?


Pet parents can easily observe if their dog is unwell; here are some tips to detect a fever A dog in normal health should have the nose should have moistness/hydration on the nose. A runny (mucus) or a crusty and dry nose are both symptoms of a disease.  Nose will turn dry: Myth! It is […]

Food Items Dogs Should Avoid

All dogs love food. But not all food loves them back. It is quite common to see people feeding dogs snacks at the chai kade. Biscuits are not ideal (even for humans) but it’s not the worst thing. But it is easy to make mistakes and accidentally feed dogs food that makes them ill or […]

How should I check my dog’s temperature?

How to check dog temperature| VOSD Blog

The only sure way of taking a dog’s temperature is using a thermometer. To do so you need: A digital thermometer Vaseline Cotton swabs Surgical spirit Dogs temperatures are checked anally much the same way as infants.  Lubricate the probe of the digital thermometer with Vaseline. Secure the dog in a comfortable sitting or standing […]

How to Check Your Dog’s Temperature


Use a sterile thermometer to determine your dog’s temperature In our earlier blog, we mentioned how you can identify if a dog has a fever. If the animal feels warm, its temperature must surely be recorded. The only sure way of doing so is by using a thermometer. What you require A digital thermometer Vaseline […]