Monthly Archives: April 2020

Foster Dogs During Hotel Stays

One hotel helped at least 60 dogs find forever homes. A Hilton Home2Suite hotel in Mississippi was looking for new ways to attract long term guests. They wanted to give guests a unique experience that differentiated them from other hotels in the area. Teresa Johnston, the director of sales in the hotel, thought of an […]

Dog reports himself missing

Source: What does one expect when they hear a knock at the door? A guest or a delivery person, maybe? And what if the knock is on the doors of the local police department? Trouble. It is what happened recently at the Odessa Police Department, in the wee morning hours. An unexpected visitor strolled […]

Pet Food is ‘Essential’ Item in Lockdown

The Kerala High Court has specified that the essential list of food/ fodder for milch animals includes food for pets. It’s been hard to get food for pets, especially during the pandemic. However, a recent court judgement made it easier for people to get pet food, as it is an essential item. A self declaration […]