Monthly Archives: June 2020

How to Break up Dog Fights (Without Hurting Yourself)?


If you spot two dogs in a fight, what would you do? There are times when you have to sort a spat between your dog and its other doggie mates. If your dog likes to go to the park, socialize and play with other dogs, there are chances that you need to break a spat […]

Life of a Fighting Dog – Jenny Jinya’s Illustration


Jenny Jinya is an illustrator and animal rights activist from Germany who isn’t shy of touching sensitive topics regarding animal abuse in her heartbreaking comics. This is her new comic about the life of a fighting dog. The ‘Bulli Kutta’, also known as the Indian Mastiff or Indo-Pakistani Mastiff is a breed often used for […]

In China, Dogs Are No Longer “Livestock”


This is part of China’s response to the pandemic crisis. China is finally taking steps to protect dogs. Infamous for their dog eating festival in Yulin, China has long endured the anger of activists and dog lovers worldwide for their stance on dogs as livestock. The coronavirus crisis has resulted in widespread debate about the […]