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Dog Registration in India: A Guide for Pet Parents

Dog Registration in India: A Guide for Pet Parents

The importance of registering your dog with the proper authorities cannot be overstated. Since there is no countrywide law with regard to registration, it is important to know as much as you can about the municipal authorities in different cities in India and the process of registration.  Earlier, in many cities, you could even be […]

Alsatian vs German Shepherd – Difference Explained!

Alsatian vs German Shepherd - Difference Explained!

There are many dog breeds, and it is not quite easy to identify each one accurately. In some cases, the same breed is known by different names. This can cause some confusion as to which breed a particular dog belongs to. One can debate long to establish the name of a breed, and this is […]

Best Home Remedies for Itchy Dogs

Taking care of a dog is a challenge. You will encounter several instances when your furry friend is in trouble, and you don’t know what to do. One such typical instance is itching in dogs.  Many pet owners don’t know what to do when their dog is uncomfortably scratching all the time.  Not to worry! […]

VOSD – India’s Most-Loved Brand for Dogs Is Now Available Throughout India

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Bangalore: VOSD announced the relaunch of India’s most loved dog care brand in Bangalore on the exclusive online shop These products are carefully crafted for the most loved dogs in the world – and for the use of the most discerning and responsible dog owners. These exclusive products come in tamper-proof […]

Want to Own the Fastest Dog in the World? Here Are 7 Best Options

Fastest Dog Breeds

Want to own a pet? When finding a dog to adopt, different people prioritize different factors. Some want the cutest pup, while others look for the fastest dog in the world. If you’re among the latter group, this is the post for you. Please note these breed dogs are not native to India and may […]

Can Dogs Eat Curd? Is Curd Good for Dog’s Health?

Dog eating curd

When it comes to dogs and what they should eat and what they should avoid, there are several dos and don’ts. One question that often gets asked is if dogs can eat curd or not. If you’re a dog owner, you would have this question as well. The simple answer is… Can Dogs Eat Curd? […]

5 Types of German Shepherd Dogs (Which One Do You Want to Have?)

German Shepherd dogs are among the most popular breeds that people have in their families. And why not!  German shepherds are intelligent, have a distinctive personality, and they are relatively easier to train.  So, if you’re planning to welcome this breed of dog to your home, we get why! But here’s the thing: There are […]

Pomeranian vs Spitz: Difference Between These Two Dog Breeds

Pomeranian vs Spitz Difference

When there are similarities between two breeds and a shared ancestry, it is difficult to differentiate between two dog breeds. This is particularly true in the case of Pomeranians and German Spitzes.  Many people confuse the Pomeranian dog breed with the German Spitz dog breed. Both breeds have descended from the larger sled-pulling breeds from […]

Conjunctivitis in Dogs

Learn all about conjunctivitis, a disease of the eye, in our article below. How do you identify and treat conjunctivitis in dogs? Conjunctivitis happens to mammals and refers to the inflammation of a special mucous membrane lining the corner of the eyes. This mucous membrane is called conjunctiva and is made up of tissue that […]