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Dog Runny Nose – Causes, Treatment and Care

Dog runny nose | VOSD Blog post

You will see many dogs with runny noses. A dog nasal discharge in itself may not be cause for concern as it could be as simple as excitement or nervousness. However, chronic discharge or a severe nasal discharge can be alarming as it indicates grave health problems. If your dog has a mild runny nose […]

Can Dogs Eat Potatoes? Are Potatoes Safe for Dogs?

Can dogs eat potatoes | VOSD Blog

Can dogs eat potates raw? Dogs can undoubtedly eat potatoes; but, are potatoes safe for dogs? Potatoes do contain potassium and carbohydrates, and you can find them in a few prescription dog foods, too. You can include potatoes as part of your dog’s diet in moderation. While potatoes may be a staple food in our […]

Dog dumped in the garbage by breeders finds a new home at VOSD

Great Danes are playful, intelligent and big goofs at heart. But what happens when a cruel breeder gets his hands on one? It results in life filled with suffering, pain and neglect – this is exactly what happened with Henry. Henry was probably confined and tortured by some breeders in Delhi, who threw the poor […]