Monthly Archives: May 2022

Relocated multiple times, cruelty survivor mum and pup reach the safety of VOSD

Cruelty towards dogs can come in many forms and one such way, which is also the least talked about, is illegally relocating them making vulnerable to dog attacks and further human cruelty. A pregnant dog, Jyothi, became victim to the same cruelty after she was illegally relocated to some other place during a critical health […]

Saved by a school girl, dying pup gets a new life and a home at VOSD

This tiny puppy was lying lifeless on the road. No one came forward to help her, except a young schoolgirl! At first, she thought the puppy was dead, but when she saw shallow breaths, she knew the pup deserved a fighting chance. Babe was rushed to Karma Foundation but she was in a coma. The […]

Abandoned by family in his old age, one-eared Joy finds love and care at VOSD

They may not always hear you when you call their name, maybe they walk slower, maybe they’re missing a few teeth, but none of this stops an older dog from loving you to the fullest. Joy, a senior pet dog was abandoned by the people he called his family when they relocated elsewhere. The poor, […]