Monthly Archives: June 2022

Orphaned pet finds a NEW HOME and HOPE at VOSD

When the only human who Buddha knew and trusted passed away, he was lost. For nine years all he knew was the lady’s love but now that he was orphaned, where would he go or what would happen to him? Fortunately, a neighbour took pity on the senior dog and took him home. She appealed […]

Crippled and starving stray dog comes to VOSD for lifelong care

A dog lover residing in an apartment complex in Bengaluru came across a stray dog in a pitiful state. The canine’s forelimbs were crippled due to which he couldn’t walk properly or search of food. Knowing he wouldn’t survive if left unattended, he admitted the dog at a veterinary hospital. The doctors confirmed that his […]

Scared and traumatised Eva finds love and a happy life at VOSD

A mixed breed Indian dog and her two children were being cared for by a family in Mumbai as their pets. Unfortunately, one of the pups named Eva would constantly get picked on by the mother and her sibling. They would pin her down and bite her, causing the poor girl to soil herself and […]

Abandoned Labrador suffering from epilepsy finds his forever home in VOSD

A handsome pet Labrador was found abandoned near a lakeside – he had dermatitis, a hematoma on his neck, and acute tick fever. He was rescued and treated for his ailments, but a few months later he was diagnosed with epilepsy too that surfaced every three-four months. Given his history of seizures, the poor kid […]

VOSD – A ray of hope for Gaja the St Bernard

This is the story of Gaja, a two-year-old St. Bernard who was surrendered to VOSD when his family had to move abroad. They tried long and hard to take him along but when everything failed, they surrendered him to us. We discovered that he has deformed & weak hind legs, which his previous owners probably […]

Dumped on the streets by his family, dog finds love and a new home at VOSD

The trust that his family broke, we’re re-instilling in Fido. The safety that they snatched from him, we’re ensuring he always feels. Tiny boy Fido was mercilessly abandoned by his so-called family. A dog lover happened to see him running around confused and desperately searching for his previous owners. The poor dog was at the […]

Our special needs pup Chotu needs your love and wishes!

A tiny pup was found with a crushed forelimb after a vehicle hit him. A dog lover who spotted ‘Chotu’ rushed him to the hospital. At the hospital it was confirmed that the limb had to be amputated since it was beyond repair. Post-recovery, the little fellow had nowhere to go. His chances of getting […]

After failed adoptions, pet dog finds love and a new home at VOSD

A family who owned a five-year-old Spitz cross named Twitter recently surrendered him to us. They were relocating abroad and felt they couldn’t take him along due to personal exigency. Admitting him to VOSD was not their first option though – they tried getting the adorable pooch adopted through social media posts but when it […]

Three-legged wounded pup admitted to VOSD for advanced medical care

Earlier this year, a man found a tiny puppy on the streets near his home in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. A two-wheeler seemed to have run over her causing one of her hind legs to get crushed. She was rushed to the vet and upon doing an x-ray it was revealed that not only her limb […]