Monthly Archives: July 2022

Abandoned dog falls in love with his new family at VOSD

A terrified pooch was found being attacked by other stray dogs in the area. A dog lover rushed to his aid and realised she had never spotted him before – he was most likely abandoned mercilessly. She took him home and decided to foster him. ‘Max’ turned out to be a bundle of energy who […]

Dying of cancer, old stray dog finds a safe haven at VOSD

A senior stray dog was rescued from Sarjapur, Bengaluru. She was admitted to a veterinary hospital in the city, where it was discovered that the poor dog has cancerous tumors. The mass had already spread through her chest cavity and rib cage. Due to the complexity of the tumors and her age it was impossible […]

Old and helpless; paralysed pet pug comes home to VOSD

A 13-year-old pug who recently suffered waist-down paralysis was surrendered to VOSD due to a critical, unforeseen circumstance. Her owner fell terminally ill and couldn’t care for the dog anymore, so her extended family wrote to us asking for help. We admit pet dogs whose owners fall terminally ill without a surrender fees: This […]

Helpless and lonely senior stray dog admitted to VOSD Hospice for end-of-life care

A senior stray dog was being cared for by a kind person who would feed the old boy and let him sleep in the porch. However, upon the person’s sudden demise, the house was sold and the dog was kicked out. He had suddenly lost his favourite human, a reliable source of food, and shelter. […]

Lizzie is home after a horrendous accident and failed adoption

A community dog feeder from Pune rescued a two-month-old puppy who had been hit by a car. She was badly injured and her hind leg was completely deformed. He was surprised to see that such a tiny pup had survived the horrendous accident and was fighting for her life! After assessing her condition, he knew […]

Leg was crushed but not his spirit; Rajkumar is now one of our fastest runners at VOSD

Do you remember the story of Rajkumar? When he was living on the streets, he was run over by a water tanker: The severe injury resulted in his highly infected leg being amputated but here’s how he is doing now! After weeks of nursing his wounds and with multiple trips to the vet – […]

Abused and neglected Mojo finds his forever home at VOSD

Mojo was rescued from a building, where he was kept as a guard dog and as entertainment for the children in the complex. He spent weeks tied near a transformer, which alone was dangerous, and to add to it there were huge rats lurking about. He was left on the streets once in a while […]

Stray dog attacked with acid, hit on the head causing blindness now SAFE at VOSD

In an absolute shocking case of animal cruelty in Bengaluru, an unidentified person THREW ACID ON A HEALTHY STRAY DOG. The reason behind this extreme act remains unknown. Since he was in excruciating pain and shock, the poor dog was running frantically screaming and growling at passersby. A man who was walking on the road […]