Monthly Archives: August 2022

After battling with depression and paralysis, Archie now runs free at VOSD

A tiny puppy was found in RR Nagar, Bengaluru, with open wounds – the causes of which are unknown. After he was treated, he was being fostered by a dog lover in the locality. Unfortunately, he got attacked by a pet dog that has a history of attacking, but whose owners were callous and left […]

Paralysed for life, young pup finds love and care at VOSD

A group of community feeders rescued a 4 month old puppy, Chunni, after she was hit by a vehicle. She was rushed to a veterinary hospital. After a series of scans and diagnosis, it was found out that her right femur was completely broken and there was nerve damage in her left one. Her rescuers […]

Freed from the HORRORS of a shelter, blind Toby is now SAFE and LOVED at VOSD

A sweet pup was picked up off the streets of Pune after his eyes got injured. His rescuer got him treated and with the right intention left him at a city shelter. However, he was conned into believing that Toby would be looked after. When he visited the pup six months later, he was shocked. […]

Lost and confused, OLD stray dog with DEMENTIA finds HOPE at VOSD

A senior and fragile stray pooch was spotted by a dog lover, who immediately learnt that something was wrong. The dog seemed terrified and confused. She could not identify food or water, and would lose her way often. “Mimi is at a different spot every day. Once, she had wandered off two kilometers away.” wrote […]

Paralysed waist-down, stray dog comes HOME to VOSD for lifelong CARE

On a busy highway in Pune, the cries of a dog in pain could be heard. A few locals informed Sinhgad Animal Welfare Charitable Trust, who arrived to rescue the poor pooch. Apparently, a speeding car had hit him but they weren’t sure of the extent of injury. So he was taken to a vet, […]

Paralysed dog Lucky is living a HAPPY and SAFE life at VOSD!

Just like any other stray dog in India, Lucky spent her days carefree and happy on the streets of Delhi. But her fate changed for the worse when a truck ran over her, fracturing and twisting her hind legs. A dog lover who spotted this gruesome incident rescued the poor pooch and rushed her to […]

Arsu’s transformation from scared and anxious to a happy and affectionate dog!

We were told that Arsu is a friendly and happy-go-lucky dog, but what we saw when he was surrendered to us was different. The poor boy was shivering out of fear, had severe anxiety and distrust causing him to snap. Arsu’s family were forced to surrender him to us since they were moving abroad. They […]

From a DANGEROUS life on the highway, stray dog comes into the SAFE arms of VOSD

On the way for a vet visit, we noticed a stray dog dragging herself on the highway. We pulled over and ran to her aid, and were informed by the locals that a vehicle had hit her resulting in her paralysis. Her feet – since she would drag herself on the tar – were bruised […]

Old & ailing stray dog rescued at the right time!

A dog lover rescued an old, malnourished stray, who was unable to walk because of a hip fracture due to a major accident. She admitted her at a hospital where she underwent laser therapy and got nerve injections and supplements. “The dog is ready to be discharged but the doctor said that she cannot survive […]