21 Best Small Dog Breeds in India

small dog breeds for india

Dog lovers generally do not care too much about the size or breed of the dog. They just want a dog to join their family. However, there are some that would prefer small cute dog breeds. There are several of these small dog breeds in India. This gives people living in apartments a chance to enjoy the company of a dog. 

Why Are Small Dogs Ideal?

Choosing a dog from the small dog breeds list is convenient for dog lovers because: 

Small dogs need less space: Not everyone can afford to live in a large house with a yard for the dog. Invariably, people living in apartments have less space and a smaller dog breed would be most ideal for the environment. 

Less intimidating to neighbours: In any neighbourhood with a lot of foot traffic, large dogs can seem intimidating. On the other hand, small dogs are approached with less wariness. 

Easy to transport: Families that move to different locations on work need not worry about the move because it is easier to carry a small dog.

Grooming takes less time: Busy families prefer a dog that requires less grooming time, which is the case with small dog breeds.

Easy to train small dogs: Most of the smaller dogs are smart and can be great guard dogs despite their size. 

List of small dog breeds available in India

Beagle: They are affectionate and have a good temperament. They are child friendly and may need more patience when training. 

Pug: Pugs crave human companionship and are also excellent with children. That makes them a family friendly pet. They are easy to manage and well suited to apartment living.

Pomeranian: This breed is small and weighs around 4 kgs. They have a double coat and come in many colours. They look harmless but are very intelligent and also quite domineering. They are easy to train and need regular exercise. 

Dachshund: One of the most popular small dogs in India, they are playful and agile. They display a balanced temperament and are family friendly dogs.

Chihuahua: It is the smallest dog in the world and is often carried about in a purse. 

Shih Tzu: This breed is very affectionate, and are terrific companions. They have long coats that are ideal in winter, but can be uncomfortable in hotter weather. They need help in staying cool. 

Toy Poodles: They are highly flexible, can be quite competitive, and are intelligent dogs. 

Lhasa Apso: Lhasa Apsos are known for their calm temperaments and are independent dogs. They are tiny and have a long coat. They are eager to please and so are easy to train. They may need extra help in socialization with people and other dogs.

Maltese: This breed is known for its silky hair. They Are mostly white in colour and shed very little. Maltese can be very adaptable and get used to different environments with ease. 

Indian Pariah Dog: They require minimal maintenance and are one of the oldest breeds. They are alert and will need early socialization. They are protective of their owners. 

Indian Spitz: They look very similar to pomeranians and are great for apartment living. Being highly active dogs, they need regular walks. They need to be watched when taken outdoors because they do not realize that they are small sized and tend to engage with bigger dogs; this rarely turns out in their favour. It is best to keep them away from large breeds.

Boston Terriers: This breed is compact, and short. They are friendly and cheerful dogs. They will be ideal for condo or apartment living.

French bulldog: They are miniature bulldogs and are affectionate. They do not need a lot of exercise and are suitable for singles and nuclear families. They are adaptable to small living spaces and have great socialization skills.

Bichon frise: This is a hypoallergenic breed and has a velvety coat. They are alert dogs and are friendly with kids and other pets. They are easy to train and are cheerful dogs.

Pekingese: One of the smallest breeds, they are compact with a large head and have a short muzzle. They are friendly dogs and become deeply attached to the human family. 

Pappilon:This breed is quite stylish and a silky coat. They are eager to please and always join in the fun with their families. They are easy to train and like to show their tricks on command. 

Russkiy Toy: This is a good natured dog and very playful. They can just as willingly stay as apdogs for hours. They don’t like being alone and are happiest surrounded by the family. 

Australian Terriers: They have a lot of energy and will need to be exercised regularly. They are impact dogs with minimal shedding and are perfectly suited to apartment living. They are watchdogs, loyal and alert. 

Tibetan Spaniel: This is one of the smaller breeds that is alert and very active. Make sure you don’t leave them alone for long hours as they need companionship. 

Mi-Ki: This breed is sweet and sociable. They weigh between four and ten pounds and are highly agile dogs. This is a hypoallergenic breed and does not shed much. 

Japanese Chin: They are dainty and elegant. They are also very playful. They are known for adapting to small spaces and make it easy for novice dog owners. They are generally easy to train and are friendly dogs. 

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