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Husna and Friends – Snout-less dogs of VOSD

Husna came to the VOSD Dog Sanctuary as a puppy four years ago after a hit-and-run accident smashed her upper jaw leaving her snout-less. Haider came from Raipur, thin as a stick, with the same problem. Tipu Sultan  came to us minus his upper jaw from the street. Yadav came to us, unhappy and undernourished, missing half his upper jaw. Michael came to us as a two-month-old with most of his lower jaw missing from an accident. He’s two years’ old now. These five of the 750 rescued dogs who live permanently at the VOSD Dog Sanctuary in Bangalore. India. What puts them apart it they are all snout-less and still living a happy, healthy life at VOSD Dog Sanctauary.

Home for the dogs, snout-less dogs too

The Sanctuary is not a shelter. Every dog has a name. All dogs are free within their 30+ enclosures in a 3.5 acre area. Each enclosure has a covered area and a tree-lined open space with heaters in winter and individual water bodies in summer. We have a 1/4 acre artificial lake dubbed, “the swimming pool” for the dogs!

VOSD Dog Sanctuary

We have never put down a dog for reasons of space, costs, or problem behaviour. VOSD fights for every single dog, providing them with the very best private veterinary treatment there is, and that’s the reason many have undergone complex surgeries and procedures. We aggressively treat life-threatening diseases like cancers, Distemper, and Parvovirus.

At 750 dogs currently, we now have the capacity for a thousand dogs.

VOSD is privately funded, and receive no government funding at all. You can make a great difference by sponsoring these dogs for as little as Rs 2000 a month. Thank you!

SUPPORT HUSNA & FRIENDS: DONATE IN INR (80G): http://store.strays.in/?p=3432
DONATE IN USD (PayPal): https://paypal.me/vosd

Visit: https://vosd.in/donate for bank details

Please check out this TEDx talk by Rakesh Shukla, Founder VOSD to know more about him and his love for dogs. Rakesh’s message to all:

India is the land of compassion. The Indian tiger the most majestic, our national animal, and the Indian dog which too is an independent breed and is the most common animal in India. And we have failed them both. Compassion is not an abstract concept it comes from doing. If you can – don’t leave a dog behind. If you can’t – at least don’t be cruel to them.

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