On May 6th 2023, a villager residing near the VOSD Sanctuary notified our team about a Labrador who was abandoned close by the previous night. We brought her into the sanctuary and were horrified to see how rapidly she was breathing – to the point where her tongue had turned blue and her temperature had reached 105°F! We estimated her to be around 3 years of age – it appeared as though she had been used by a breeder and dumped when her health issues began surfacing.

Madhu undergoing treatment at VOSD.

Our medical team jumped into action to cool her down by wetting her body, and she was started on intravenous medication and injections to control her breathing. When she stabilised a few days later, a full-body check up was done which revealed:

1. Her distressed breathing was due to an injured larynx caused normally when a dog is chained for long periods and tugs forcefully on the collar

2. An abdomen scan indicated pyometra (severely infected uterus)

3. Blood tests showed that she was borderline anemic and had a high infection count

Based on consultations from our expert panel of vets, we started the dog on antibiotics and painkillers, along with a nutritious diet. She’ll have to undergo a hysterectomy surgery along with spaying, once her breathing and blood count improve.

If not for timely intervention and advanced medical care, this young Labrador would’ve met a painful and sad end. She has now been named ‘Madhu’ meaning sweet as honey, and is on the road to recovery!

VOSD is home to hundreds of such abandoned pet dogs burdened with various health issues – they are thriving under our care with healthy food, the best medical treatments, individual care, and hygienic accommodation. To support VOSD in saving & rehabilitating India’s dogs like these who don’t have a home or hope of survival, please donate INR 5,000 (~$61) one-time or monthly: https://vosd.in/active-campaigns/monthly-expenses/

If you know of any abandoned pet dogs who cannot survive on the road you can surrender them to VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital. For more information you can write to us at info@vosd.in