What is VOSD?

The Voice of Stray Dogs or VOSD is the 6 year-old non-profit that is already the world’s largest citywide dog rescue.

  • With ~8000+ rescues, 200,000+ treatments, 800+ resident dogs, we have experience caring for dogs in every kind of distress.
  • VOSD infrastructure and processes have been built on a $1.5 Million/₹9 Crore budget, largely privately funded.
  • Our many firsts include developing and deploying the world’s first mobile dog rescue app, India’s first canine blood bank, and the world’s first CRM system custom-built to manage all stages of rescue.
  • strays.in is the largest website in the world for dogs, and VOSD has a considerable online presence, with ~100,000 followers on FB, and 12-13 million views on our website + FB + Google+ pages.

What is the VOSD Dog Sanctuary?

The VOSD Sanctuary is a magical place. It is subject of many articles and photo stories, it’s the place that 800 rescued dogs call home! And it is also home to 7 horses and 7 cows.While the 800 dogs that live with Rakesh Shukla been featured many times in CNBC, NDTV, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Time of India etc. they were covered by BBC which went viral with in excess of 3 million views on the BBC, The Logical Indian, IT Matters , CNN, ScoopWhoop publications.This is no shelter. This is a place where each dog has a name. All dogs are free within their 30+ enclosures in a 3.5 acre area. Each enclosure has an enclosed ‘indoor’ as well as an open area, lined with trees. The enclosures have heaters during the winter, and individual water bodies for the dogs to jump into and cool off, in summer. There’s also a 1/4 acre artificial lake created for the dogs simply called ‘the swimming pool’. The whole Sanctuary is lit on UPS throughout the night, and work is on to increase the capacity to a thousand dogs. And we have all medical facilities and supplies in-house.The Sanctuary is also off-limits to visitors, as it is also the home of VOSD Founder, Rakesh Shukla. However, due to numerous requests, VOSD is planning to organize a guided tour of the Sanctuary from time to time.

Please note

We don’t have a helpline number nor do we provide Emergency Rescue Services for dogs.

Please send us your questions at info@vosd.in