The VOSD SANCTUARY™ is the world’s largest no-kill dog sanctuary with a world-class residential hospital that has helped 8,000+ critically injured and abandoned dogs. VOSD has also administered over 250,000 treatments and has hundreds of permanent resident dogs that live here forever. Dogs have come to VOSD from over 30+ cities across India. 

about vosd


At VOSD we have rescued dogs- blinded with acid, run over and paralysed, sexually assaulted, slashed with knives, tied to train tracks — from across India. These dogs simply have nowhere else to call home. We provide them with a sanctuary of love and care.

It is not easy to do what we do, but you can help us care for our dogs. Monthly expenses to run the sanctuary are extremely high, and your support helps us provide the best care for our dogs.

VOSD Monthly Expenses

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Donation Total: ₹500.00 One Time

Looking After Hundreds of Dogs

If you are or ever have been a pet parent, you would understand what goes into looking after one dog. Now, multiply that into hundreds of dogs. Add additional expenses to this, taking into account that each of the dogs here have a history of either injuries, severe abuse, trauma, and/or a lifetime  of medical requirements. In a nutshell, this is the scope of what we deal with at the VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital every single day while we strive to provide the best care for every single dog we have here.

We do this, because we love dogs.
We do this, because these dogs need someone too.

No Walk in the Park

VOSD is the only home for hundreds of dogs under our care and we want to continue to be able to provide sanctuary to ‘un-adoptable’ dogs from all across India.

To give you an idea of what goes into running VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital, we have included a breakdown of our monthly expenses below.

We require ₹20.5 lakhs per month to continue doing all that we do for our dogs.

VOSD Monthly Expenses Breakdown

” You can’t change a dog’s past,
but you can rewrite his future. “

Help VOSD continue to change the lives of dogs for the better. 
Help us continue to be a home for the dogs that have nowhere else to go.

Please help us continue to run VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital by making a small donation today. 

VOSD Monthly Expenses

Select Payment Method
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Donation Total: ₹500.00 One Time

How do your donations help us?

At VOSD we believe that stray dogs and abandoned pet dogs deserve love too. If you share our vision, you can help us with your donations towards our dog expenses. Every donation is acknowledged and accounted for and is spent frugally to help better the lives of our furry friends. 

Taking into account dog food/maintenance cost, you’ll understand that the overall cost of maintaining a dog is quite high. And with nearly every passing day, we’re accommodating more and more stray and abused dogs in our sanctuary. We have the capacity to admit ~1400 dogs. We only admit dogs that cannot survive on the streets due to illness, disability like blindness, old dog, cruelty survivor dogs, aggressive dogs, etc. Our surrender process is geared to admit such ‘unadoptable’ dogs. We do not admit moms and full litters or pups younger than 6 months. We believe that healthy stray dogs can survive well in their environment and should not be relocated which is also clearly stated in animal welfare law of India. To provide adequate facilities and meet our monthly expenses, we need your help as patrons. 

Every INR donation towards our dog expenses comes with a tax exemption under Section 80G, Income Tax Act, and donations of INR 500 and above are eligible for 50% tax exemption. 

No matter what amount you wish to donate, it means a lot to us and our dogs. 

All your donations are highly secure via encrypted payment gateways, making it completely safe. You can be assured of complete transparency throughout the process thanks to regular updates on our social media and emailers. For any donation related queries, feel free to write to us at info@vosd.in. Please note that we don’t have a helpline number.


Other ways to donate

Apart from making financial donations, you can donate in other ways such as volunteering your time and effort in our mission. Read on to know-how!

Show us your skills

Whether you’re a social media marketer, writer, influencer, musician, lawyer, or a techie, we can find a way that you can help us on our mission. Whether it’s by spreading the word, by helping us raise awareness or funds, or even animal advocacy against cruelty and abuse. 

Give your love and time

Help take our furry friends for walks, play with them, nurse them back to health. If you are passionate about helping our dogs in any way, we will make that happen soon through VOSD volunteering program. Please register for the same through our www.vosd.in homepage volunteer form. Currently only online volunteering opportunities are available. Stay in touch! 

Adopt strays in your community

Have you ever thought of adopting a dog? Doing so would give a stray dog a loving home and a family. VOSD only focuses on taking in dogs that are deemed “unadoptable”, so when you adopt a healthy stray dog, it will help us put more time and energy on caring for the stray dogs in need. Alternatively you can pitch in to the monthly dog expenses of any of our dogs, being a benefactor for them. 

Help us feed our dogs

Once you look at our monthly expenses breakdown, it is evident that we spend a large part of our funds on feeding our dogs. You can help subsidise the high dog food cost per month by helping us with donations to purchase dog food. Please note that we do not accept any donations in kind.

Special event donations

Gifting others on your birthday or a special day is a selfless act that can bring you joy. Help make our paw-some friends happy by asking friends and family to donate toVOSD Sanctuary and Hospital on your special days.