Announcing the VoSD Stray Dog Rescue Affiliate program: Open to all people/ organizations that want to benefit from VoSD processes and automation

VoSD Affiliate program logo. You will carry the yellow VoSD Affiliate Org. legend and the affiliate number below your logo

Every day we get about 10-15 people writing in with one request – can VoSD open in their city? But we can’t! Because of these limitations:

  1. The iron discipline that is required (systems processes and people)
  2. The scale of the operation with over 2400 rescues in 21 months, 350+ permanent residents and a stated no-refusal policy for even the most expensive treatement, and
  3. Because there is so much to be done in Bangalore it will take us another couple of years to get to a point where we can get help for each dog that does need help

And yet another gentleman wrote yesterday “Vishal Bakaya: …Nobody in India even comes close to what the guys at VoSD do. I made a mistake when I said nobody in India comes close… Actually, nobody in the world. … because of the uniqueness of their CRM model.” Its humbling to read that. But it has a message – technology-systems-processes. So while we can’t go – they can travel!

The way that we help animals in distress is hoping that people can use the model that we have produced. And VoSD makes ALL our resources available at no cost.

The details of The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue Affiliate program are provided in this document. Some highlights are given here:

The worlds first stray dog rescue app “The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue, Release ChammC Version 1.0” would be available for your city as a VoSD Affiliate partner

What is the VoSD Stray Dog Rescue Affiliate program?

It is a program entitling eligible organisations to become VoSD Affiliates, and deriving resultant benefits. Under this program VoSD does not (1) Manage your operations (2) Provide or commit to provide any direct financial assistance. Under this program the Affiliate:

  • Get full access to VoSD’s expertise and systems at zero cost, subject to adherence to our terms.
  • Get access to the VoSD CRM v3.0 – the world’s first and most extensive cloud based application for stray animal rescue
  • Priority access to VoSD medical, legal & operations expertise and information
  • Access to VoSD’s Agreements and SOPs for rescue, adoption and other activities (provided that the Agreements that you use are suitably modified in the manner required by us, to reflect that your usage of the same is as VoSD Affiliate, and not as VoSD)
  •  ‘VoSD Affiliate’ becomes a part of your branding – that you carry as long as you are a VoSD Affiliate
  • Your credentials are mentioned in a dedicated page on our website — this includes your contact information
  • You get listed on the VoSD web forms, web pages and Facebook pages as a VoSD Affiliate – enhancing reach and ability for those looking for rescue in your city to reach you when help is required
  • You get listed on  the VoSD Rescue forms – your city is listed and all such rescue requests/ enquiries come to you.
  • You get listed on  the VoSD 1-800 helpline an option to route calls to you will be provided
  • You get listed on  the VoSD Android Application a tab will be provided for people to reach you directly
  • You get preferred invitations to any VoSD Conference and public events
  • VoSD Fund-raising for you: VoSD would undertake fund-raising for your activity on a project basis as we have for other NGOs and agencies – see details here

How do you sign up for the VoSD Affiliate program?

Step 1: You need to be an association of persons – a registered and legal entity such as a society or a trust or similar association – that is committed to stray animal rescue (provided that VoSD reserves the right to relax this norm in any individual case that it deems fit)

Step 2: You should be able to demonstrate, with pictures, papers, and other verifiable data, that you have done rescues, lawfully, and seen them to a logical conclusion.

Step 3: If you fulfill these conditions, please send your credentials via email to info at strays dot in with 2 references and with subject line: Application for VoSD Affiliate program <organization name> <City – Area>

Step 4: We will write back to you if required, for further information etc. If we make a decision to make you an affiliate, you will be sent a VoSD Affiliate Agreement. We reserve the right to accept or reject any application, without disclosing reasons.

Step 5: For VoSD to have any financial interaction with you (e.g. if we do a fundraiser for you) – you need to have a bank account in the organization’s name. We may also require you to submit to us, a certified true copy of your audited accounts for the previous financial year. VoSD reserves the right to agree or disagree to having financial interactions with you, without disclosing reasons.

Step 6: As a VoSD Affiliate – you agree that 100% of your rescues shall adhere to the VoSD SOPs.

Step 7: By becoming a VoSD Affiliate you agree that in any review interval decided upon by us, your deviation from the VoSD SOPs for rescue will not be more than 5% of the SOP (and the related automation) procedure for all rescue incidents, i.e. you will meet 95% of the SOP as your Rescue Service Level.

What are the benefits of becoming a VoSD Affiliate?

  • By becoming a VoSD Affiliate you leverage VoSD’s best practices, procedures, people, systems and automation which is possibly the world’s best, and get started on a ready made, easy to use, blueprint for rescue and rehabilitation of stray animals.
  • Being a VoSD Affiliate you get better recognition of your work from your peers and in your community.

Follow the instructions above to become a VoSD Affiliate – and provide the real help the animals require

The worlds first stray dog rescue CRM “The VoSD CRM v3.0” would be available for your city as a VoSD Affiliate partner

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