Army man saves dog

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Life in the woods

Major Ankit Budhraja was living a regular army life surrounded by nature in the Gulmarg area of Baramulla in Kashmir with his wife and a pet dog. The little apartment of three bedrooms was a stand-alone wooden home surrounded by lush green trees. There was nothing unusual about the condo, it overlooked the Himalayas. It was similar to the apartments that his colleagues in living the same army complex possessed. Living a happy life, his duty often asked him to stay back in the office. But his life came to stand still when on a beautiful sunny day, a fire broke out in his small home. The woods caught fire and in it spread wild, sparing no one in its way. There was no time to react; his wife and dog were inside the house still; they could not make it out in time. 

A Shock for Budhraja

Neighbours called to inform him; being in the army, he knew this was not the time to panic but rather to take action. His office was not far as he reached the apartment complex in the next couple of minutes. Fire-fighters were already arriving to put out the fire, and help from the local police was available instantly. They did everything possible to evacuate people from the house as far as possible. But, still, someone was missing as he watched the fire helplessly.

The fire-fighters assured him that they would put all their might to save his wife and family. But the major could not just stand there feeling helpless; he did what he knew best and took charge. He ran inside to save his wife from the fire. Soon he realized that his dog was still under the burning woods, still lucky to be alive.

For Ankit, the dog was not just a pet, but part of his family, he was with them through the ups and downs of life just like any other family member. It was evident for him to go back and save his pet. He immediately ran back inside without a second thought. The home was engulfed in flames by now. However, his mission was to rescue his beloved pet, and he would not let go.

Saved pet but lost his life

Major Budhraja received 90% burns while saving his dog. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital by his colleagues. However, he could not survive and succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. The body of the army officer was taken to the sub-district hospital at Tangmarg for further formalities. This brave soldier died in the pursuit of saving the life of his family member, his dog.