Arzoo, whose front paws were chopped off in train accident, now happy at VOSD

A poor stray dog lay on the railway track for EIGHT DAYS without help, after the paws of her forelimbs were CHOPPED off in a TRAIN accident. Bones crushed, bleeding, and in unbelievable pain, she lay there waiting for at least one soul to save her. Finally, when news reached the Sinhgad Animal Welfare Charitable Trust, Pune, they rushed to her rescue.

For weeks, she was treated by the team and their trusted doctors and surprisingly lived to tell her tale. We thank them immensely for staying by her side and not giving up! After her recovery, they knew it would be impossible for a dog with just two paws to live on the streets, so they contacted VOSD to admit her. We readily accepted, so the team arranged for her to be brought by road all the way from Pune to our sanctuary in Bengaluru.

The resilience Arzoo has displayed over these past few months is commendable. First, to live for eight days in such excruciating pain, then to spend all her energy and willpower into recovering, and finally embracing a new life at VOSD whole-heartedly. It’s like she always belonged here and has already claimed her place among her pack of doggie friends! We’re delighted to see how well she’s doing.

Watch Arzoo’s story in this video.

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