Bhutan Army Feeds Stray Dogs

Bhutan Army Feeds Stray Dogs

How the tiny kingdom of Bhutan has used their manpower to help dogs across the nation!

Bhutan comes through, and how! The “happiest” country in the world really cares about its stray dogs! The beautiful kingdom is famous for its progressive and peace-loving ways, and this is no different.

Civil Society Organisations raised concerns regarding the plight of stray dogs in the country. The administration acted swiftly to help matters. During the pandemic, the decline in the number of dog feeders was steep. Many dogs were left to starve on the streets as a result.

This month, the Bhutanese army has been deployed to feed the country’s strays. According to the Prime Minister, Dr Lotay Tshering, the administration has been looking into the welfare of the dogs as a matter of royal concern. He maintained that it was wise to ensure that starving dogs don’t resort to attacking other animals or humans.

The Royal Bhutan Army began to feed the dogs across the nation on August 15. There are over 45,000 stray dogs in the kingdom, and it is wonderful to see how the army and the police use their time to help them. Images and videos of police and army personnel feeding the dogs is flooding social media.

Source: Kuensel Online

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