Conjunctivitis in Dogs

Learn all about conjunctivitis, a disease of the eye, in our article below. How do you identify and treat conjunctivitis in dogs? Conjunctivitis happens to mammals and refers to the inflammation of a special mucous membrane lining the corner of the eyes. This mucous membrane is called conjunctiva and is made up of tissue that […]

Can Dogs Eat Bread? Is Bread Safe for Dogs?

Can dogs eat bread | VOSD Blog

The answer to the question is, a conditional yes. Plain white bread is safe enough, but only in moderation. It is not the same as how much human beings consume bread in all its various forms. Still, it is to be avoided if your dog has any allergies. Bread is nothing but a filler and […]

15 Fun Facts About Golden Retrievers

All about Golden Retrivers |VOSD Blog

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds of all times. Here are a few fun facts about what makes this breed a bundle of joy and energy. Did you know that the Golden Retriever has its origins in Scotland in the 19th century? Those were times when the Scottish elite particularly enjoyed […]

Pitbull Dog Breeds: All about owning a bully breed

Pitbull breeds VOSD Blog

What is Pitbull? The Pitbull dog breed by itself is not a ‘breed’. It is how a group of dogs is defined. They are from a crossbreeding of bulldogs and terriers. There is a common misconception that a Pitbull is a separate breed like a German Shepherd. It is a fact that Terriers are famous […]

12 Best Calcium-Rich Foods for Dogs | VOSD Blog

12 Best Calcium Rich Foods for Dogs

Dogs need calcium just as much as human beings do. They need calcium to develop and maintain strong bones, strong teeth, and a healthy coat. It is essential that either the dogs get their calcium as additional supplements or in the form of calcium-rich foods for dogs. However, the latter approach comes highly recommended. It […]

What are the reasons for hair fall in dogs? | VOSD blog

Hair Fall in Dogs | VOSD Blog

Some dogs shed more hair than others. How do you know when it is too much, and what are the signs that cause concern and a visit to your dog’s vet? How do you know if your dog is shedding as expected or when it is due to alopecia? These are common questions regardless of […]

15 Healthy Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

Human food safe for dogs

Are human foods safe for dogs? Every dog parent knows that a good and healthy diet is essential to help your dog develop and maintain a robust immune system. It may not ward off all illnesses; however, diet and exercise go a long way to keeping your dog healthy. There are many dog owners who […]

Do Dogs Have Periods? All You Need To Know

Do dogs have periods?

Do female dogs get periods?  The answer to this question is yes. So, make a choice between male and female dogs before you bring one home. It would help if you also prepared yourself and your home for female dogs. This article will help you understand all about female dogs and their estrus cycles and […]

25 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Why do people prefer hypoallergenic dog breeds?

Why do people prefer hypoallergenic dog breeds? There are reasons why some people want hypoallergenic dogs. They may be allergic to dog fur; they may not like the idea of vacuuming all the time; or, they do not want to spend too much time on grooming.  Therefore, if you want to bring a dog into […]

How to Calculate Dog Years in Human Years?

How to calculate dog years in human years

Dog Age Chart: How to Calculate Dog Years in Human Years? For several years now, it has been believed that a dog’s age is calculated by multiplying their age by seven; i.e., every one of their years is equal to seven human years. That theory has been replaced with a more scientific formula with greater […]