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Pet owner’s guide: What does your Dog’s smile mean?

Understanding your dogs smile

Do dogs smile? There are countless articles and explainers online that talk about the meaning of a dog’s smile. But what does it actually mean when a dog “smiles”?  As humans, we have figured out the difference between two dots and a bracket, and two dots and a big mouth – 🙂 and :D. We […]

Why should you talk to your dog everyday?VOSD

reasons to talk to your dog every day

Reasons to talk to your dog every day Dogs are man’s best friend, and they provide unconditional love to their owners. Dogs have a profound psychological effect on humans as well, by providing mood boosters through their cuddles and affection. Try talking to a dog, it will make you feel better.  1.Why anthropomorphizing isn’t a […]

How to Help Stray Dogs: 10 Tips for Dog Lovers

Compassion is an innate human tendency. And in the case of animals, we tend to reserve a softer spot in our hearts. Despite this, there has been a longstanding misconception about stray dogs – that they are aggressive and less fun to have around. The truth is, most of these dogs were once pets, or […]

Dog-Proofing Your Home

Dog Proofing Your Home

Bringing a new dog into the house? Read this to understand why dog-proofing your house first is so important. Adopting a dog is almost the same as adopting a baby. The only difference is that a dog’s stages of development are much faster than a human being’s. Dog-proofing signals to your dog that the house […]