Crowdfunding for dogs of VOSD: Bitgiving

Join us on Ketto and Bitgiving crowdfunding platforms!

VOSD is currently running two fundraisers at Ketto and Bitgiving crowdfunding sites, and we’re reaching out to friends and well wishers who’d like to raise funds for us.

It’s easier than you might think, so we’d like to run you through the steps to start your own fundraiser for VOSD!

Crowdfunding on Bitgiving  in ₹ – How can you help?

The Husna & Friends campaign is on BitGiving, and aims to raise $2000/ INR 120,000 to sponsor 5 of our special-needs dogs for a year – all these guys don’t have a snout:

  1. Set yourself an achievable target, say INR 24,000, which would sponsor one VOSD dog for a whole year. Or say 2 dogs for say INR 48,000
  2. Visit
  3. Scroll down and click ‘START A SUPPORT CAMPAIGN.’
  4. Share it with everyone you know – online and off!
  5. BitGiving has put together a great Campaign Guidebook here:
  6. Questions? Just contact Prarthana Gupta at Or you can reach us at

Easiest way to support VOSD and bring happiness and dignity into the life of stray or abandoned dogs who have nowhere else to go. Won’t you join this noble cause today?