Does Your Dog Have a Fever?


Pet parents can easily observe if their dog is unwell; here are some tips to detect a fever

A dog in normal health should have the nose should have moistness/hydration on the nose. A runny (mucus) or a crusty and dry nose are both symptoms of a disease. 

Nose will turn dry: Myth!

It is commonly cited among pet owners that the first symptom a dog exhibits when they have a fever is dryness of the nose. This is however not an accurate reckoned. Dogs that are asleep or have just woken up will also have dry noses at times.

So the most reliable reckoner, if something is wrong with the dog, is a change in their habits and demeanour.

Possible symptoms of a fever

  • There will be a change in the level of energy
  • The animal will be listless or sullen
  • Excessive panting as it tries to cool off or will seek a cool corner
  • The dog may drink water repeatedly to cool off, and may not eat adequately
  • The colour and smell of its urine and faeces will change with a fever. 

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